Things I Love Thursday

Cool art project blog thing, that I like and want to participate in I got an envelope.

Tumblr: Steve Rogers in the Gosh Darned future! Not a tumblr, but I found it through there Draw a stickman

A little bit of Inspiration.

Honourable Mentions: Rewatching all of Gossip Girl from the start, roleplaying as Captain Jack Harkess (oh yes), home cooked dinner with lovely old friends, working things out, warm bed, cuddles, getting drunk and snuggly, superhero T shirts, clean socks and long hot baths.

Sassy Gay Belle:

Finally, if you laugh, you lose. Go on, try not to laugh:


5 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I was so sure the doggie wouldn’t make me laugh but it totally did! Looks like people voicing dogs are my laugh kryptonite;p

  2. I was laughing on the inside, but managed not to crack a smile… But I have practice not laughing at my kids’ tantrums šŸ™‚
    -Still breaking even on my impossible study schedule… only a few more weeks to go
    -So much roleplaying goodness to look forward to over the next 5 months
    -Friends on the interwebs
    -New Dr Who episode to watch once I get my assignments done

  3. Extra TILT
    -bought the kids audio dramatisations of Narnia stories and they are surprisingly good… I love the White Witch, but Tom threatens to hurt me whenever I say so!
    -Reading LOTR to kids! Tom’s constant, intense and very sincere questions (not-laughing practice). My fave so far “Which hobbit does Tom Bombadil sing about?”

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