Things I Love Thursday

Well, I lost my weekend this week to a cold, but I can work around that for awesomeness.

Getting dressed up and going out for drinks. I think I need to do this more as the weather gets better, so if you’re thinking of heading out and you want company let me know! Plus, I have a lot of cute new dresses which need wearing.

LARPs to look forward to. I have my steampunk doctor outfit assembled, just need to work on the accessories a bit more. I also get to dress as a modern Lady Luck in November and…I have another LARP at Fright Night but I don’t have a character for that one yet so not sure what my costume will be. Larps are fun though, I’m excited.

My EMP superpower took out my cellphone and my laptop adaptor cable at the same time a few weeks back. This week both a new cable and a new phone arrived for me, and I am again fully-teched up. Huzzah! It’s amazing how little I missed my phone, actually, but they do come in useful for communicating and stuff.

This weeks’s awesome on Tumblr: The Minor tragedy series.

Honourable Mentions: Old friends and new, fangirling, obsessing, new T shirts, our cleaner, new episodes of almost all my favourite TV shows, Grooveshark, Dance Central with Conan, beatbox/singing performance at the all company meeting, weird lucid dreams and going to the store for patchwork fabric with Emma.

Awesome sax guy!


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