Things I Love Thursday

My Saturday was awesome this week. I collected my sister and we headed up the coast to do some Kapiti Arts Trail with Mum and Dad, lots of laughs and good food and some arts and crafts. Then I dropped my sister home and Lee, Sophie and I went out to Uncle Mike’s Kansas BBQ for a seriously delicious meal and then we went to a housewarming party where I had the world’s most potent cosmopolitan and some whiskey. Plus, I wore a new dress and got like, four complements on it which means it’s a definite success as a dress.

Tumblr love this week: Memos from Fury are excellent fun for fans of the Avengers.

Birthday season is starting. My actual birthday is next week but my party is on Saturday and I cannot wait! I picked up Lee’s blue striped suit today and I’m hanging out to see what other people wear. Quite excited about the photo possibilities, too.

Honourable Mentions: Hazelnut pralines and chocolate flake truffles from Butler’s, helping Ellen out with her This is Not a Book (and starting my own with inspiration from her), playing my song obsession on repeat and singing along when no one else is around, buying someone the perfect birthday gift, singing serious harmonies with Steve, lunch with friends, the new season of Supernatural and upcoming costume opportunities.

Oh those Russians….

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