The Master

Why is The Master my favourite character in Dr Who? I think because of this:

But my actual favourite version is from The End of Time, where he comes back all batty and undead and ravenous. Plus the bromance in that special is seriously epic. Therefore, for my Dr Who birthday party I made Lee dress as 10 so I could be The Master.

I enjoyed my role, immensely. Also, I’m blonde now.

Costume wise it was very simple. I wore the black cargo pants I bought for my Hellgirl costume last year, a black hoodie purchased off Trade Me (which amusingly has ‘sub’ embroidered on the chest), a red collar also off Trade Me (for when the Naismiths have The Master) and a red T-shirt underneath. I also wore my timey-wimey detector and had the 11th Doctor’s sonic in my pocket.

can't be tamed

I did my make up all dramatic and eye-shadowed to show how undead I was.

Rory, Amy, The Master and The Doctor

I think my favourite photo of the night is this one of the cross-dressing/genderbent/rule 63 Whovian characters. So much win.

Extra bonus win for me? I got to destroy the TARDIS!

(The TARDIS was delicious. Thanks Sophie!)

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