Things I Love Thursday

The sunshine is still outside my window. Spring is definitely here and even though it was cold as anything this morning that means that summer’s definitely on the way too. Happy!

Comfy clothes. I’m a big fan of flannel shirts, T shirts (obviously) and trackpants. It may not be glamourous but gosh darnit I’m comfy!

My lovely friends who give me thoughtful gifts including Dr Who merch and T shirts and baking stuff. Plus awesome birthday dinner at Uncle Mike’s Kansas BBQ of deliciousness.

LARP! This weekend is the steampunk game Tomb of the Mad Goddess and then next weekend is Fright Night. Then I have a Nobilis game in November and then I’m running my Shell Beach game. So much awesome LARP and costumes! Look forward to photos of me 🙂

Honourable Mentions: My new phone, Tumblr RPing, real life table top RPing, The Pierces, laughing, sleeping in and reading comics.

This Sweded Avengers Trailer made me LOL. A lot.


5 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I haven’t seen the real preview yet! Off to see it now! I expect it’ll pale in comparison to the Sweeded version!

  2. TILT:
    -Tom being well again
    -That I live somewhere and when that my child having a tummy bug is upsetting and inconvenient, not hopelessly tragic (though i wish this was global already)
    -LARP! Tomb of the MAd Goddess tomorrow and Shell Beach after exams
    -Assignments all done, and marks looking good so far. On the home straight of my semester of over-commitment and may come out of it ratther well
    -Rugby, Narnia, Star Wars and Scooby Doo with my boys

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