Fall 301 – I can’t believe you made me Cyclops

Previously on Fall: Alex is lost in another dimension.

Fall River, mid December. It’s been 6 months since the gang killed Claudia and Alex was lost in an alternate dimension. Darius has been studying magic, working hard on getting better at it, Megan has made friends with her AI and Cassie has returned to Fall River and is living in Calvin’s house. They are together. There has been a lot of cold weather and the town is coated in a thick layer of snow. Many businesses have shut down, including the road side demon bar. High school is also closed.

Megan texts Darius and goes over to his house to hang out and talk. Calvin notices a weird thing in the paper about animals freezing solid and texts Darius but the response he gets is that it’s probably normal.

Darius entices Megan into his basement which he has transformed into an X-Men style Danger Room with the transform reality spell. Once they go in their outfits change, Darius is wearing a black leather Wolverine costume and Megan is in a comic-stye Jean Grey costume with cut outs. Megan texts Calvin “Maybe you should come down to Darius’s.” Calvin and Cassie get into Kermit and drive down.

In the Danger room a Sentinel appears and starts firing on Megan and Darius.
D: It’s okay, it’s not real
M: This is very fucking real, Darius! Turn it off!
Megan is leaping around trying not to get fried by the Sentinel’s laser beams, her cape catches fire. Darius is too impressed with the spell to shut it down, and tries to explain how awesome it is. He uses his telekinesis to make a shield at one point, but they are quickly overwhelmed and he is forced to show her where the control panel is, Megan stabs it with her big sword and the ‘Danger room’ deactivates.

Heading upstairs with Megan telling Darius off and him being unrepentant.
Darius: what have we learned from this?
Megan: We learned that you must never do this spell ever! Again!
D: We learned new ways of fighting…

They talk briefly about what is up with Cassie and Calvin being together.

Cassie and Calvin arrive and Megan tells them of the craziness. For some reason they both decide to check out the Danger Room, the door closes behind them and the room morphs into a prehistoric jungle with men on pteradons with spears trying to kill them. Cassie is wearing an Emma Frost outfit (bra, short shorts, high heeled boots) and Calvin has a Cyclops visor which he immediately discards. Cassie starts complaining immediately about how hard it is to fight in heels. Megan and Darius go to his computer to watch on the interface what is going on. Megan tells Darius to shut it down but he won’t.

Cassie and Calvin fend off the men on dinosaurs, Calvin yells for Darius to get them out of there before the bigger dinosaurs arrive. Just as Megan wrestles control of the computer and Darius agrees to shut the spell down a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex attacks Cassie and Calvin. The basement switches back to normal Darius basement but with all the stuff destroyed. Their clothes are also back to normal, Cassie’s kicked off her shoes.

Everyone yells at Darius who suggests taking Nebby down into the Danger Room but is told no by Calvin. Megan tries to track down the book which has the alter reality spell in it so she can prevent him from doing it ever again, D says he’s memorised it. They talk for a bit about the weirdness of the animals freezing solid and Darius and Megan go to research. Calvin and Cassie stay in the kitchen and make out.

The research turns up Jack Frost, Frost giants, heat eating demons, Nordic dwarves, Mr Freeze and a security guard in Sunnydale that was frozen solid. Darius makes a call to Andrew in England to get more info but he says it’s not much to go on. Calvin calls the SPCA to find incidences of frozen animals, but gets more information from the journalist who wrote the story in the paper. He says he’s a student reporter and the journalist assures him that his dreams can come true.

It turns out whatever it is has frozen an entire cow since the article was written and it appears to be moving across town and only seems to attack at night. When Calvin leaves his name – figuring he’s got a new contact for information – the journalist gets excited and asks about his father, asking if he can interview Calvin about his father’s disappearance. Calvin is evasive. The whole time he’s on the phone to the journalist Megan is hacking the journalist’s computer and getting the hard data.

He relates what he learned to the others, they discuss the possibilities and how a cat was heard yowling and hissing seconds before it was found frozen.
Calvin to Darius: I can’t believe you made me Cyclops!
Everyone: O_o

They head to St Mary’s cemetery as that seems to be where the thing may have ended up. Following tracks in the snow to a mausoleum. They debate whether to come back that night or check it out immediately. Cassie notices the door is slightly ajar and goes to open it. Calvin suggests they arm up first but she pushes the door open anyway revealing a vampire frozen solid mid-attack. They drag it out into the sunlight where it thaws enough to scream before it explodes into ash.

The gang heads to Bohemian Like Me for lunch, where Darius and Megan are passive aggressive towards Cassie and her relationship with Calvin. Back at Darius’s for more research, Darius hears back from Andrew who asks if he has a nemesis, because Freeze Rays are the bomb.

Cassie and Calvin talk about Christmas presents, Calvin has already got something for Cassie, apparently. Cassie asks Calvin what he doesn’t already have and he says “a unicorn.” She rolls her eyes.

Previously on Fall….


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