Things I Love Thursday cookies edition

It’s getting warmer for reals. Summer is on it’s way! I know this because I went out without a coat at lunchtime yesterday and also because we’re getting flies inside again.

A big (small) wedding this weekend. It’s a small wedding but it’s big in terms of love, and of emotional importance. And I am very excited even though I DON’T HAVE A THING TO WEAR! *flails*

Fright Night and Halloween! Well, Halloween wasn’t very exciting but I did make cookies with a new recipe that were very successful and delicious and I got lots of compliments on. All with cookie cutters I was given for my birthday too!

Honourable Mentions: Online communities when they’re warm and friendly, roleplaying, laughing so hard you cry, my workmates, trackpants, hot baths, my new laptop, cuddling, whiskey, reading and people encouraging me.

via the Lovely Ellen…Don’t Stop Me Now

Please share your lists in the comments, it brings a smile to my face.


5 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday cookies edition

  1. – The hardest part of this week (prep for prizegivings) being over.
    – Saying goodbye to lovely classes of students (final lessons yesterday and today but will see them at aforementioned prizegivings so not really goodbye)
    – Taking nice photos and scanning in photos my grandfather took (of WW2, family stuff etc)
    – Pumpkin pie

  2. Don’t stop me now!! 🙂

    Also TILT
    -TMBG kids songs (thank you for giving me them all those years ago)
    -Reading Lord of the Rings to my boys at Tom’s behest… and all his questions… “Why did Sam say ‘in a pickle’ Mummy?” “Who is Tom Bombadil’s wife called?” “Which hobbit is in Tom’s song?”
    -My fab character for Shell Beach. Coming up with stories for her. Looking forward to LARPing with lovely people afetr exams!
    -Relief and satisfaction of good in-term grades… 75% for calculus with which I have struggled (and which gives me a good buffer for the exam) and 87% for stats!
    -Support from my village on LJ and FB! Friends who still like me even though I am super-emo at exam time 🙂
    -White Rabbit growing in my head
    -Flowers and new green leaves and walks at lunchtime

  3. *Coming up with ways to not loose my temper, putting it in action and its actually working…for now XD
    *Surprising my husband
    *Spending an awesome day(s) with Ayla on her own. We planted the herb/vege garden.
    *Sophie turning two and a half – man that’s gone fast
    *Awesome friends
    *Organising family holidays

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