Fall 302 – Christmas Wonderland

Darius finds a new spell, it’s called Funeral Pyre and it’s a bringing flames spell to combat the freezing thing.

Cassie, Calvin, Megan and Darius head into St Mary’s cemetery after dark and find a large wide track, heading out of the cemetery and down an alleyway. There they find a snowman who can talk and move. Megan recognises it as the snowman from an animated kid’s Christmas movie called Snowland. Cassie tries stabbing the snowman and it says ow. Turns out it’s just been wandering around, looking for friends. They decide they can’t hurt him, and get him to explain what happened, he remembers being in a house with a Christmas tree so they pack him into the back of Kermit and go looking.

The door of the house Darius speaks to the owner and makes them all sound like creepy stalkers who are after children. Calvin tries to get him to shut up but they get turned away.
Calvin: Remember how you suck at talking?
Darius: No! What…maybe I do.

They work out that the snowman coming alive is probably linked to a Santa letter the kid received. They find another house where kids are outside bouncing on a bouncy castle.
Kid: I kind of want to stop. I’m tired and hungry.
They keep on bouncing. One of the kids says he wished for a bouncy castle and all his friends to be able to bounce forever.

The gang checks another house which has a child who received a santa letter and witness a domestic dispute where the original father has apparently returned. They head to one last place and find an empty lot where a house used to be.

Calvin leads the team and they go and break into the Post Office since that’s where the letters were sent from. They’re going through the office (Cassie adds a letter to Santa asking for a unicorn) of the woman who writes the letters when security guards show up. Darius leads them off, trying to hide but mostly being loud so that they others can sneak out. Outside Megan picks up a rock to throw it through the security car window but Calvin just pushes down on the front of the car and that triggers the alarm. The three of them wait around the corner and once the guards have gone Calvin goes back in for Darius. Calvin has keys to the Post Office now. Win.

They work out from the stuff they stole and the unfinished letter that the problem might be some kind of magic pen. As there was no pen in the office they go back during the day time.

Megan sneaks over to Calvin’s house and spends a couple of hours playing with the magical snowman who has turned the entire yard into Snowland. Calvin had a bad night’s sleep and Cassie is grumpy from being kept awake. They talk to the Post Office manager, using the student journalist line again, and are admitted to meet Margaret Furniss. Calvin distracts her with questions about the Santa letters and Darius telekineses the pen and pockets it.

Back at Calvin’s house, they try out wishes by writing letters with Darius answering them.
Megan: I wish for Alex back.
Calvin: Don’t you think we should try something easier?
Megan, meanly: you don’t want Alex back.
Calvin, darkly: That’s not what I said.

Calvin writes a letter asking for Santa to bring him a hamburger. Darius answers it with the pen and nothing happens. Megan remembers that all the kids’s letters are signed from Father Christmas. Calvin, impatient, writes another letter “make me a hamburger” Darius replies, signs it Father Christmas and Calvin is transformed into a hamburger.

Everyone freaks out, except for Calvin who is a hamburger. Cassie insists that Darius fix it and he does. Calvin doesn’t know what’s happened. Darius then writes a letter to turn everything “back to the way things were before Margaret Furniss answered the letters but I get to keep the pen.”

This wish rewrites time so that everyone is at Calvin’s at the same time of day, but they can’t remember anything about the wishes or the weirdness with the snowman. Darius has the pen in his desk back home but no idea how to use it. A snow unicorn goes past the window and winks at Cassie before it trots off.

Previously on Fall Season three:
I can’t believe you made me Cyclops


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