Things I Love Thursday

Dressing as Amy Winehouse and then playing a party girl embodiment of Luck who worked for Chaos was astoundingly good fun. LARP is fun.

Roleplaying is very fun at the moment, the Superhero game is on mid-season hiatus until January but it went out with a definite bang. Fall is intense and exciting and full of delicious drama.

Watching TV with friends. Steve comes over to watch the newest episode of Supernatural with me and we have excellent fun commenting on the subtext, working things out and laughing our asses off. (Seriously, this season is hilarious!) Ellen and me have started a rewatch of Supernatural from the very beginning, which is adorable and means I get craft done, because she does craft next to me. Baby quilts are being completed, yes.

Honourable Mentions: Clean house, fresh food, summer fruit, baking, flannel shirts (90s fashion will not stop!), sunshine, basking in sunshine, reading good books, nail polish, my lovely friends, plant food reviving my plants, rolling dice and slobbing around in trackies. I am so tired at the moment can you tell?

Ian McKellan impression guy does The Fresh Prince:

The trailer for the Hunger Games movie. (Both Peeta and Gale look wrong to me, but everything else looks pretty amazing.)


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