Fall 303 – Love and other calamities

Darius, Megan, Cassie and Calvin are having lunch at Bohemian Like Me and talking about how to get Alex back, whether there are any spells for tracking people interdimensionally. Everything comes back to Haruni and how they need him to be back on full power. Darius flirts with the waiter, who apparently still remembers Yuki.

Cassie asks why they can’t just visit Haruni anyway and Calvin points out that they can’t get to his cave through the snow. She suggests tunnelling through the snow, possibly with a a laser. When this idea is turned down, she gets defensive.
Cassie: I slay creatures. I don’t tunnel through snow.

They decide to go to Darius’s for more research and Calvin buys pie at the cafe while the others head out to Kermit. Cassie unlocks the hummer with her own set of keys which Darius and Megan both remark on.
D: What makes you so special?
Cassie: I keep the boy amused. And he probably got sick of me asking for his keys all the time.

While discussing spells Darius points out that he can’t exactly just say ‘Find Alex Pederson’ to one of his Find Named pendulums, when the pendulum he is holding in his hand starts moving. Darius dismisses it, but Calvin snatches it off him, to see if it’s still acting strangely. It’s definitely pulling in a direction so Calvin and Cassie head out the door, leaving Megan and Darius arguing about how it can’t possibly be working. Calvin and Cassie drive off, following the pendulum and feeling trepidation about what will happen if Alex really is back.

Darius and Megan wonder what’s going on and Darius does another spell ‘reveal’ which appears to not work, except for busting a light in Darius’s kitchen. Darius does the spell again which makes a ghostlike version of the ‘find named’ pendulum appear.

In Kermit, the pendulum Calvin is holding goes transparent and he can put his hand through it. He texts Megan “something weird happened” and Megan replies “Darius did a spell so that it would find Alex.” He holds tightly to the the string, not wanting to let it drop into his leg. The pendulum leads them to The Limit so they park and get out, it’s quite busy inside, lots of people dancing and standing around and a live band playing. Calvin casts around but can’t see anything. Cassie notices a vampire. Megan and Darius get Calvin’s text about being at The Limit, and they’re already almost there from following their own pendulum.

Cassie follows the vampire outside to find it getting beat up by a short haired woman with tattoos all up and down her arms and shoulders. As the vamp explodes into dust she turns around – it’s Alex. She looks at Cassie with surprise “what are you doing here?”

They establish that they’re both back in Fall River, and Cassie mentions she’s been living there. Calvin appears around the corner and stares at Alex, dumbfounded.
Calvin: Hey. You did come back.

They try to work out if it was Darius’s spell that did it but Alex reveals The Princess, a very tall, strangely beautiful woman from another dimension. Alex explains that the has been enslaved and ‘The Princess’ is her owner, she has to do what she is told or she is put through massive amounts of pain by the tattoo like brands over her body. Darius and Megan arrive and everyone tries to work it out. Cassie and Calvin fall back to Kermit to arm up, with the intention of blasting The Princess into oblivion but it’s revealed that anything bad that happens to The Princess will also happen to Alex.

The Princess: I find your associates quite tedious. Please converse with them on my behalf.

Alex is keen to see her family again, The Princess sees Kermit and says that it would be a suitable conveyance, Calvin agrees and he and Cassie, Alex and the Princess pile into the car. Megan yells for Calvin to take the scenic route and he nods. Darius and Megan drive ahead to warn Alex’s parents. There’s an awkward conversation in Kermit, Calvin goes to turn the music down and The Princess tells him not to. She asks Alex to steal a scooter and Alex manages to talk her down.
Cassie, quietly to Calvin: I hate feeling useless.
Calvin: You’re not useless.
Cassie: Well, I feel it.

They find out that The Princess is searching for her husband = Haruni.

Cassie meets Alex’s eyes in the rear view mirror.
Cass: How’ve you been?
Alex: Stuck in a Hell Dimension. Lonely mostly. You?
Cass: I was lonely…
Calvin stiffens and tries to disappear.
Alex: So what’s happened while I’ve been gone?
Cass: I moved here.

The occupants of the car descend into awkward silence.

Megan and Darius arrive at Alex’s parent’s house and try to explain things.
Megan: She’s like a slave to this bitch from another dimension!
Alex’s parents are excited. Her mom orders Jared to go to his room, which he does with a lot of complaining.

Alex goes into her house and Cassie and Calvin try to delay The Princess by asking her questions, where she comes from there are eight seasons and she doesn’t like winter. Alex has a tender moment reuniting with her parents before The Princess strides in. They quickly establish that the best thing to do is get The Princess to Haruni as fast as they can.
Calvin: Why don’t I go…and hire something, for the snow?
Alex thanks him and he leaves with Cassie, they have a tense conversation on the way to the hire place.

Cassie: So Alex is back.
Calvin: Yep….it doesn’t change anything.
Cass (not really getting it): Hmmm, good to know.

Alex gives Megan a heartfelt apology, saying she was too hard on her, etc etc and hoping they can still be friends. They have a long hug.

Cassie drives Megan and Alex up to Haruni’s in Kermit, towing a trailer with some skiddos on it. Calvin is driving a snow plow thing behind.

Alex: Wow you and Calvin must’ve got pretty close if he’s letting you drive Kermit.
Megan: More than just close.
Cass: … I’m living in his house. Living downstairs. Shagging him.
Alex: Oh.
Cass: Missed you though.
Alex: How long has it been since you moved in?
Megan: Almost as soon as you’d left.
Cass: Four months.

Once they arrive at the National Park Alex gets out and slams around a bit, making noise with the trailer as she gets the skiddos down. Calvin drives the snow leveller thingie to Haruni’s, carving a path for them to follow. When he can’t go further he stops and they switch to the skiddos.

Megan: We should go ahead and herald your arrival
The Princess: Not necessary
Calvin: No, I think we should…
Megan: Let’s go, you and me
Calvin: Yes. (they both climb onto a skiddo and Cassie climbs on behind) Wait…

They speed off, Megan driving, and call out to Haruni to warn him. He is less than thrilled to hear that his wife is not only in this dimension but about to walk into his cave.

The Princess magics up a teleporting device for her and Alex to use to get to the cave. The Princess explains that she is displeased because Haruni left her.
Alex: I’ve recently had some experience in doing that.
She then explains to the Princess that Haruni came to this dimension because he was summoned, not of his own free choice. The Princess and Haruni have a heated talk, sealing themselves off from the gang.

Calvin asks Alex what happened in the other dimension and she gives the story: she fell for a long time, then she was picked up by a ship of some sort of scavenging aliens. They treated her well, kind of like a pet. Then some bad stuff happened and she was taken as a slave, branded and eventually The Princess took ownership of her. The Princess had been doing experiments, trying to use Alex’s genetic makeup to find the correct dimension. It’s been about four months for her, since she left.

Cass tries to throw a snowball against the forcefield separating them from the demons, despite the others telling her it won’t work, and it smacks her in the forehead. It eventually comes down on it’s own and The Princess and Haruni come out. Alex can understand their language now, but The Princess zaps his TV so Glenn Close can translate for him.
Haruni: I have seen the error of my ways.

The Princess tells Alex that she has no further need of her, but instead of freeing her she tosses a token to Calvin, transferring the ownership of Alex to him. He looks startled. Megan asks to have it instead but he refuses to hand it over. The Princess opens a portal and vanishes to another dimension. Calvin says out loud that he rescinds the ownership of Alex but nothing changes. She tells him to test it, and he tells her to step to the right. She experiences pain when she tried to step the other way. Not sure how to cope with this, Alex runs back to where the car is parked. The others take the skiddo back and head back into town.

The next morning Alex knocks on Calvin’s door and he answers it, agreeing to go out onto the driveway to talk.
Alex: It’s obviously been a little while for you.
Calvin: Six months
Alex: And, I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry for everything. I shouldn’t have gone with her and I shouldn’t have broken up with you.
Calvin nods.
Alex: So I’m really sorry.
Calvin: I really missed you.
Alex makes a move like she wants to give him a hug but it’s too awkward. He steps forward and puts his arms around her. Cassie observes from the window, writes a note and leaves out the back door.
Calvin and Alex talk a little longer, making things okay between them again, kind of. Alex leaves to have breakfast with her family, looking cheerful.

Previously on Fall Season Three
Episode one: I Can’t Believe you made me Cyclops.
Episode two: Christmas Wonderland.


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