Things I Love Thursday holiday edition

First up, Christmas Eve and Day were both awesome. So…yeah, awesome.

One of my Christmas presents was Moustache shaped cookie cutters Freaking genius. I made them from vanilla cookies and iced them with a thin chocolate icing. Then I forced my friends to pose while I took photos of them with moustache cookies.

Look at these friends of mine! LOOK AT THEM! Ah, so much love.

Being on holiday. Okay so I haven’t particularly been able to sleep in, but I’ve had some exceedingly relaxing days, including Tuesday when I didn’t get out of my (new Peter Alexander) PJs all day. Blisss…..

Gorgeous summer sunshine: Okay, we’ve had less of it today but Friday to today has pretty much been stunning. Hot and clear and barely any wind…ideal.

Honourable Mentions: New Peter Alexander PJs, the complete set of Harry Potter movies on Blu-Ray and rewatching them, so much chocolate from Christmas, Boxing Day sales, presents where you can tell thought has gone into the selection, good reactions to presents I’ve given people, crafty things, polished nails, track pants, driving on the motorway blasting music and singing to it, chatting online with lovely people and visiting friends.

Just for some retro rock. I love this song. Seriously. Love the whole album.

And this is not such a cheerful song, but I just love it. Love love love it.

Things I Love Thursday

It’s been raining for so long. So, related to that I love: warm flannel shirts, waterproof jackets, boots that keep the wet off my feet, umbrellas and being inside.

Christmas! Christmas music!

Christmas presents! Christmas crafts! The pretty lights on my Christmas tree! Christmas movies!

Also being a good person about Christmas, well, to a point. I have made some more re-usable gift bags so I don’t have to use gift wrap, I helped out my friend Emma with her drive for gifts for the families in the Wellington Women’s Refuge, donating money to the work City Mission food donation and buying gifts direct from the crafters on and

Honourable Mentions: Warm socks, hot bath (man I want one), newly re-blonded hair, reading good books, chatting and being friendly with store staff, playing Rock Band, roleplaying, people saying nice things to me, Karen’s White Rabbit playtest and lunch with good people.

Giggling Angel

So I always have something…unconventional on top of my Christmas tree. This year I was a bit stumped for what to put up there. I considered somehow making a Christmas Troy (can’t find a video of O Christmas Troy, but this is good…)

but my growing obsession with Dr Who cannot be denied so I decided to make a Weeping Angel instead.

The Lovely Ellen had the brilliant idea of having it covering its mouth instead of its eyes, and the effect was much cuter, and then she suggested I make it a wee Christmas hat as well, and lo, the Giggling Angel was created.

I think it looks rather good…

I might do a tutorial on making this, if I can find the time over the weekend.

Things I Love Thursday

Christmas! This week I have: put up my Christmas tree, decorated it, purchased and wrapped presents, listened to Christmas Carols, watched The Muppet Family Christmas special and the Muppet Christmas Carol. I just love Christmas so much! I still need to bake all the cookies…Sophie’s Christmas cookies were freaking delicious.

Craft and getting things done. This one’s pretty self-explanatory, I guess 🙂

Reading good books. I re-read The Hunger Games and now I’m reading Red Glove by Holly Black. I recommend them both.

Honourable Mentions: A nice clean and tidy house, hot spa pools in the rain, sparkly fairy lights, gummi rope, coloured pencils, rewatching Supernatural, home made pizza, filling up notebooks, chocolate, weird dreams and roleplaying.

Fall 304 – Whatever Will the Neighbours Think?

Darius notices that Nebby hasn’t seemed like he wants to go outside much, and when he goes out to do his business. He finds some odd tracks in the snow and calls Calvin. He freaks Calvin out by speaking with lots of high rising terminals. Calvin agrees to come and help out, and also offers to call Alex, Darius reluctantly agrees.

Calvin calls Megan and Alex: Something’s wrong with Darius.
He offers to pick up Megan on the way, Alex says she’ll combine it with her morning run and she doesn’t need a ride. In the car Megan asks Calvin how he is, and he replies “Brilliant” in a somewhat bleak manner.

Alex arrives first and reconnects with Darius, who is wary of her.
Alex: It’s not your fault. You weren’t the one with the bright idea to let go while falling through a Hell dimension.
They hug.

Megan and Calvin arrive and Darius says: The whole gang’s together again.
Calvin doesn’t look too pleased at this statement.

They talk about the tracks and how there’s been some bodies found without their innards.
Calvin: It could be a chupacabra.
Megan: A what?
Calvin: goat sucker.
Darius: Wasn’t that an episode of the X-Files?
Calvin: Yeah, but so were freaking ghosts and stuff.

They talk for a bit about how to find out more about the creature and Darius does the repeat after me spell on Nebby, since he’s presumably seen the thing he’s afraid of.
Darius: You’re a clever dog!
Nebby: Yes I am! Yes I am!

Nebby doesn’t want to talk about the thing in the yard, just saying that it smells bad and he doesn’t like it. Calvin notices that Nebby calls Darius “Food” and laughs, asking Darius to find out what he calls the others. Nebby calls Calvin “Big”, Megan “Not Big” and Alex “Tough Dog.”
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Things I Love Thursday

From Tumblr: Hipster pictures with theatre quotes. And in case you missed it yesterday, my Advent Calendar.

Also Wellington has a voucher advent calendar again, so if you’re Wgtn based, check it.

Sunshine and summer and warmth and lounging in the sun chatting with friends and drinking wine.

Honourable Mentions: Old friends, new friends, running my game and people having fun and saying they enjoyed it, Christmas is coming! I’m going to put my tree up this week! Gummi rope, $1 DVDs at the video shop, watching and rewatching Jesus Christ Superstar, sleeping and seeing Lee in his play tonight!