Things I Love Thursday

From Tumblr: Hipster pictures with theatre quotes. And in case you missed it yesterday, my Advent Calendar.

Also Wellington has a voucher advent calendar again, so if you’re Wgtn based, check it.

Sunshine and summer and warmth and lounging in the sun chatting with friends and drinking wine.

Honourable Mentions: Old friends, new friends, running my game and people having fun and saying they enjoyed it, Christmas is coming! I’m going to put my tree up this week! Gummi rope, $1 DVDs at the video shop, watching and rewatching Jesus Christ Superstar, sleeping and seeing Lee in his play tonight!


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. -Your game! Spooky bits sometimes so intense that I almost suspended disbelief
    -Feeling happier and more confident this week. Lovely friends are lovely! ❤
    -Being made cups of tea… 3 so far this week… Lovely friends AND lovely colleague are lovely!
    -Colleagues being supportive and appreciative around MAF audit… Feeling competent and useful. Manager of one of my teams said she believes the reason we are better at the compliance stuff now is mostly due to my persistence 🙂
    -Helpful, pleasant wee boys
    -Veronica Mars and Community… so hard to chose what to watch
    -Finally having time to write White Rabbit
    -Father Vader 🙂

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