Giggling Angel

So I always have something…unconventional on top of my Christmas tree. This year I was a bit stumped for what to put up there. I considered somehow making a Christmas Troy (can’t find a video of O Christmas Troy, but this is good…)

but my growing obsession with Dr Who cannot be denied so I decided to make a Weeping Angel instead.

The Lovely Ellen had the brilliant idea of having it covering its mouth instead of its eyes, and the effect was much cuter, and then she suggested I make it a wee Christmas hat as well, and lo, the Giggling Angel was created.

I think it looks rather good…

I might do a tutorial on making this, if I can find the time over the weekend.


4 thoughts on “Giggling Angel

  1. Jenni, you absolutely should do a tutorial! I love how the Giggling Angel is so excited for Christmas- looking forward to seeing it again when I come round for crafting and Supernatural.

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