Things I Love Thursday holiday edition

First up, Christmas Eve and Day were both awesome. So…yeah, awesome.

One of my Christmas presents was Moustache shaped cookie cutters Freaking genius. I made them from vanilla cookies and iced them with a thin chocolate icing. Then I forced my friends to pose while I took photos of them with moustache cookies.

Look at these friends of mine! LOOK AT THEM! Ah, so much love.

Being on holiday. Okay so I haven’t particularly been able to sleep in, but I’ve had some exceedingly relaxing days, including Tuesday when I didn’t get out of my (new Peter Alexander) PJs all day. Blisss…..

Gorgeous summer sunshine: Okay, we’ve had less of it today but Friday to today has pretty much been stunning. Hot and clear and barely any wind…ideal.

Honourable Mentions: New Peter Alexander PJs, the complete set of Harry Potter movies on Blu-Ray and rewatching them, so much chocolate from Christmas, Boxing Day sales, presents where you can tell thought has gone into the selection, good reactions to presents I’ve given people, crafty things, polished nails, track pants, driving on the motorway blasting music and singing to it, chatting online with lovely people and visiting friends.

Just for some retro rock. I love this song. Seriously. Love the whole album.

And this is not such a cheerful song, but I just love it. Love love love it.


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