Kapcon Day 1

First round I was facilitating in the Games on Demand room. I ended up with four people keen to play Fiasco and we quickly decided on the “Toil and Trouble” Harry Potter -based playset, which I can safely say is one of my all time favourite sets to play. We decided to be one generation on from Harry and his friends.

We had Morag Malfoy, who’s father Draco had died and she was desperate for a new father figure. Larry, Barry and Albus Potter, who were identical triplets and all player characters. Oswald Blaze, the head of Sytherin House and my character Gertrude’s father. Gertrude was in Ravenclaw and therefore a disappointment to her father and romantically involved with Albus Potter, the most jock-like of the Potter triplets.

Morag and Larry were in a secret society looking to do away with the House system and accept all students. They were called the Hatless Few. Morag was in love with Larry and trying to adopt Oswald as her new father. Albus was trying to find the truth about the week he couldn’t remember and there was some drama with Larry being a cold hard bastard.

Gertrude had a contraband pensieve which was used to show the Potter triplets that they participated in a cross-species orgy in the Forbidden forest, which Oswald was somewhat responsible for. He was possessing people and using the imperious curse. Apparently it was all to get Getrude a lizard pet, but I can’t recall how it happened.

The Potter twins awoke in the Severus Snape Memorial Storeroom, having lost *another* week. In the end it was Gertrude, Barry and Albus vs the other PCs with time freezing spells and some kind of ritual to destroy the Sorting Hat once and for all. Gertrude ended up happy with Barry (they’d made out when she thought he was Albus), Albus sad and alone, the Potter Triplets estranged from each other, Oswald relatively happy and an average result for Morag.

Everyone seemed to have a good time, and although we were a bit rushed with some scenes I was very happy with how the session went.

Round 2 I was meant to be facilitating in Games on Demand but I ended up playing instead. Basically I forced Simon to run Monsterhearts for me, James, Nick and Cat. I played a Mortal called Timothy Deacon. He was quiet looking with sad eyes and he was Cassidy’s boyfriend. His true love was Cassidy, a weirdo unstable werewolf boy. Cat played Celene, a fae cheerleader who was interested in Timothy and Nick played Gabriel, a Chosen new kid in school who was a total bad ass.

I had a lot of fun throwing my character directly into conflict, like standing up to the two demonic jock bullies, sleeping with my boyfriend to trigger his darkest self, getting injured and sleeping over at Celene’s (well, not quite…) Gabriel and Tim had known each other as kids so we got on pretty well.

Gabriel: I’m kinda glad you’re on Tim’s side and all.
Cassidy: Yeah, someone threw him off a building tonight, so I have to find them and do something about it.
(The two of them walk out of the party, leaving the injured Tim in the tender care of the fae Celene)
Cassidy: I should let Tim know I’m going
Gabriel: I think Tim knows.
Cassidy: He does? How?
Gabriel: Well, you totally left the party and we’re like, twenty minutes into the forest now.

Meanwhile in Celene’s house a much more feral fey called Hound has arrived, and he is also rather taken with Tim.
Hound: He’s pretty, I want him.
Celene: He’s mine.
Hound: Yes, we’ll bring him back to Faerie and we’ll all take a turn.
Celene: But…I don’t want to share him.
Hound: You’ve been in this world too long. You’ve forgotten the fun we used to have.

Hound intruded on Tim in the bathroom and Tim ran away into the forest and straight into the demon jocks (escape into something worse! oh yes)

Demon!Chad calls Gabriel: I have your little fag friend.
Gabe: Oh really? Because I have a werewolf.

The game climaxed with the demons holding Tim over a waterfall, threatening to let him drop if Cassidy didn’t back off and let them kill Gabriel. Cassidy broke the stand off by pushing the jock holding Tim (and Tim) off the waterfall in a slam tackle. Celene opened a portal to Faerie and they all fell through. Gabriel killed the last demon jock. Tim and Cassidy are then trapped in the Fae realm, apparently forever.

Third round I played in Sophie’s excellent Hamlet meets Gossip Girl game “Kin is Less than Kind”

I don’t want to say too much about this LARP except that we all looked fabulous, I had a great (frustrated, hard, upset, emotional) time playing Serena Van der Woodsen/Hamlet/Harri Markden and thanks very much to Sophie for writing and running it!

^ Me as Harri

Things I Love Thursday

Japan! Japan! Japan!

(photo source: http://escape-to-asia.tumblr.com/)

Lee and I have booked tickets to Japan, and we’re travelling with two friends, one of whom has been before. We’re leaving Arpil 7th and staying for just under three weeks. I can’t wait! There’s so much amazing stuff to do over there…Studio Ghibli Museum, Osaka Aquarium, Hiroshima Peace Park, wild deer, vending machine T shirts, Universal Studios and Tokyo Disney! Aw man. It’s gonna be astounding.

Samurai Champloo

Kapcon! It’s so great getting together with my friends and playing fun games and laughing so hard you can’t breathe. Also: costumes, winning at games and running a Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon double feature. And doing rather well in the GM stakes according to secret sources.

Honourable Mentions: New superhero T shirts, polyvore, tumblr, warm blankies, hot baths, picnics in the sun with good friends, blueberries, perfectly ripe cherries, sleeping, RPing with friends, supporting indie games and planning for Japan.

This is an astounding short film, that looks like it’s really the set up to a feature length movie. It’s absolutely beautifully put together and I really want to see more…

Things I Love Thursday

Kapcon this weekend! I am entirely not in the mind space for it, it’s sneaked up on me entirely. I don’t know what’s going on! But I have a pretty dress to wear third round and I have a different pretty dress to wear in the big LARP so well…I’ll look pretty anyway. Woo!

Polyvore! I just…really enjoy playing on it. I mostly make outfits for characters that I roleplay online, but it’s awesome fun and I enjoy it. Plus random people have started following me this week, which is cool.

Maybe definitely maybe GOING TO JAPAN! Still in the planning stages, but I think we’re getting plane tickets tomorrow. I am very excited about all the awesome stuff I can do in Japan.

Honourable Mentions: KFC for tea! warm blankies, friends from the States who I met through RPing, costumes, Donnie Sharko, impromptu picnics in the park, playing games, home baking, letters, postcards, sending in character postcards to people in larps, fake glasses, new things, writing, lunch with Nick, sewing, making jokes, watching Supernatural and geek necklaces.

So yeah. I bought a 1 metre long plush shark. He’s bad ass and I love him. Lee came up with the name Donnie Sharko so that’s his name now. I like this super washed out picture of me because of how cool my eyes look.

Here’s a picture of Donnie reading Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.

Things I Love Thursday

My friends are big on the list of things I’m thankful for this week. So many people turned up to Lee’s birthday picnic and we had a great time just chilling out. Watching all the kids play together was pretty awesome too.

Definitely the best newspaper correct ever.

Doctor Who inspirational quotes. Well, some are inspirational, some are just really cool.

Tumblr goodness: Clipart and comic sans album covers. Texts from last night: Supernatural edition is extremely appropriate a lot of the time.

Honourable Mentions: Listening to Bon Jovi and singing along, lunch with friends, trying on dresses that look awesome. The Recycle Boutique, being assigned the role of Steph Brown Robin and having just about a whole Batfamily, Sherlock Holmes 2, Kapcon playtests, Somewhere Out There and Tumblr RPing.

Things I say that I picked up from TV include:



Fall actual play – 305 “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”

Picking up immediately frome where the previous ep left out. Darius feels Calvin as he wakes up, checking inexpertly for injuries. Megan slaps Calvin for no apparent reason. (Audience can see that Calvin has a bleeding wound in the leg.)
Megan: Go fix Alex!
Darius forces Calvin into a sitting position, and he waves them both off and goes over to first aid Alex. He can’t do much, she’s pretty badly hurt. Darius scoops her up into his arms to carry her back to the car.

Calvin: You didn’t have to slap me by the way.
Megan: No. I probably didn’t.

Cut to Cassie on a greyhound bus, which stops suddenly, apparently hitting something. Cassie gets out when the bus driver does to investigate. There’s a patch of blood on the ground, and bits of fur stuck in the grille at the front of the bus. There’s a big dent in the bus and Cassie pockets a blood soaked feather.

Back in the forest, Calvin drives the gang to Alex’s house at her insistence. Darius carries her to the door and rings the bell. Jared answers and freaks out. Megan trails behind.
Alex: (blearily) Go to your room, I’m fine.
Alex’s Dad appears, takes in the situation: Kitchen! Now!
Darius: She’s the one bleeding, I’m taking orders from her! (Looks at her furious father) Or him!
Alex’s Dad: What did it?
Darius: I dunno!

Alex’s Dad takes over the care of her, and tells Jared firmly that he must got to his room and they will explain later. Jared storms upstairs and slams his door.

Darius looks at Megan and then around the room.
D: Where’s Calvin?
Megan: I dunno. Maybe he’s in the car?

Darius strides out to find Calvin in his car, both arms folded on the steering wheel and his head resting on his arms.
D: Come inside.
C: Why?
D: because it’s freezing out.
C: …
D: Are you feeling okay?
C: No.
D (peers in at him,)
C: It’s just my head. I’m fine.
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Things I Love Thursday

This Thursday feels weirdly like a Monday because it was my first day back at work after the break. But today
is the first Things I Love Thursday for 2012 so I’ll try and make it good.

I have a lot of chocolate. This makes me very happy. I have special Wispa bars Ellen bought me from the UK and chocolate oranges, and chocolates and scorched almonds and I love chocolate so that’s very good.

Kapcon Playtests. All the fun of playing an awesome Kapcon game, but on comfy seats and no being exhausted from the rest of the convention! I’m a fan.

I finished watching all the Harry Potter movies on Blu-ray, watched the last two with Fraser which was very nice. I don’t care what anyone says, I love Harry Potter and I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the movies again. Also I now have a Gryffindor T shirt as well as Slytherin, so I have one for when I feel good and one for when I’m grumpy.

Daily journal. I got a pretty journal from Typo which has space on each day for a iof writing. So far I’ve been just recapping what happened that day but I think I’ll mix it up with drawings, Wreck This Journal activities and wee snatches of fiction as the mood takes.

Honourable Mentions: Getting craft done, watching Supernatural with Ellen, a personalised port it doodle on an etsy purchase, candy from America, laughing with my nieces, watching ridiculous movies (Gatoroid vs Mega Python), eating at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen, hugs from my lovely friends and my husband.

Youtube comments hilarity from Never Mind the Buzzcocks:

Gag reel for Season one Supernatural…

Happy 2012

I’m starting the year off the right way by sleeping in, taking it easy (had a bath and will be watching Harry Potter movies later on) and getting things done. In this case doing some work on the Double Wedding Ring quilt for the Lovely Emma and Lovelier Simon.

Double Wedding ring pattern is unlike pretty much anything I’ve done before and it hurts my head a little, trying to keep the patterns right for the rings. With help from my amazing Mum I’ve begun to get it together and I think I now know what I’m doing. Here’s some progress pictures for you…

and a bit of a close up…