Things I Love Thursday

This Thursday feels weirdly like a Monday because it was my first day back at work after the break. But today
is the first Things I Love Thursday for 2012 so I’ll try and make it good.

I have a lot of chocolate. This makes me very happy. I have special Wispa bars Ellen bought me from the UK and chocolate oranges, and chocolates and scorched almonds and I love chocolate so that’s very good.

Kapcon Playtests. All the fun of playing an awesome Kapcon game, but on comfy seats and no being exhausted from the rest of the convention! I’m a fan.

I finished watching all the Harry Potter movies on Blu-ray, watched the last two with Fraser which was very nice. I don’t care what anyone says, I love Harry Potter and I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the movies again. Also I now have a Gryffindor T shirt as well as Slytherin, so I have one for when I feel good and one for when I’m grumpy.

Daily journal. I got a pretty journal from Typo which has space on each day for a iof writing. So far I’ve been just recapping what happened that day but I think I’ll mix it up with drawings, Wreck This Journal activities and wee snatches of fiction as the mood takes.

Honourable Mentions: Getting craft done, watching Supernatural with Ellen, a personalised port it doodle on an etsy purchase, candy from America, laughing with my nieces, watching ridiculous movies (Gatoroid vs Mega Python), eating at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen, hugs from my lovely friends and my husband.

Youtube comments hilarity from Never Mind the Buzzcocks:

Gag reel for Season one Supernatural…