Fall actual play – 305 “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”

Picking up immediately frome where the previous ep left out. Darius feels Calvin as he wakes up, checking inexpertly for injuries. Megan slaps Calvin for no apparent reason. (Audience can see that Calvin has a bleeding wound in the leg.)
Megan: Go fix Alex!
Darius forces Calvin into a sitting position, and he waves them both off and goes over to first aid Alex. He can’t do much, she’s pretty badly hurt. Darius scoops her up into his arms to carry her back to the car.

Calvin: You didn’t have to slap me by the way.
Megan: No. I probably didn’t.

Cut to Cassie on a greyhound bus, which stops suddenly, apparently hitting something. Cassie gets out when the bus driver does to investigate. There’s a patch of blood on the ground, and bits of fur stuck in the grille at the front of the bus. There’s a big dent in the bus and Cassie pockets a blood soaked feather.

Back in the forest, Calvin drives the gang to Alex’s house at her insistence. Darius carries her to the door and rings the bell. Jared answers and freaks out. Megan trails behind.
Alex: (blearily) Go to your room, I’m fine.
Alex’s Dad appears, takes in the situation: Kitchen! Now!
Darius: She’s the one bleeding, I’m taking orders from her! (Looks at her furious father) Or him!
Alex’s Dad: What did it?
Darius: I dunno!

Alex’s Dad takes over the care of her, and tells Jared firmly that he must got to his room and they will explain later. Jared storms upstairs and slams his door.

Darius looks at Megan and then around the room.
D: Where’s Calvin?
Megan: I dunno. Maybe he’s in the car?

Darius strides out to find Calvin in his car, both arms folded on the steering wheel and his head resting on his arms.
D: Come inside.
C: Why?
D: because it’s freezing out.
C: …
D: Are you feeling okay?
C: No.
D (peers in at him,)
C: It’s just my head. I’m fine.
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