Things I Love Thursday

My friends are big on the list of things I’m thankful for this week. So many people turned up to Lee’s birthday picnic and we had a great time just chilling out. Watching all the kids play together was pretty awesome too.

Definitely the best newspaper correct ever.

Doctor Who inspirational quotes. Well, some are inspirational, some are just really cool.

Tumblr goodness: Clipart and comic sans album covers. Texts from last night: Supernatural edition is extremely appropriate a lot of the time.

Honourable Mentions: Listening to Bon Jovi and singing along, lunch with friends, trying on dresses that look awesome. The Recycle Boutique, being assigned the role of Steph Brown Robin and having just about a whole Batfamily, Sherlock Holmes 2, Kapcon playtests, Somewhere Out There and Tumblr RPing.

Things I say that I picked up from TV include: