Things I Love Thursday

Kapcon this weekend! I am entirely not in the mind space for it, it’s sneaked up on me entirely. I don’t know what’s going on! But I have a pretty dress to wear third round and I have a different pretty dress to wear in the big LARP so well…I’ll look pretty anyway. Woo!

Polyvore! I just…really enjoy playing on it. I mostly make outfits for characters that I roleplay online, but it’s awesome fun and I enjoy it. Plus random people have started following me this week, which is cool.

Maybe definitely maybe GOING TO JAPAN! Still in the planning stages, but I think we’re getting plane tickets tomorrow. I am very excited about all the awesome stuff I can do in Japan.

Honourable Mentions: KFC for tea! warm blankies, friends from the States who I met through RPing, costumes, Donnie Sharko, impromptu picnics in the park, playing games, home baking, letters, postcards, sending in character postcards to people in larps, fake glasses, new things, writing, lunch with Nick, sewing, making jokes, watching Supernatural and geek necklaces.


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