Fall 307 – Now you see me, now you don’t.

Th gang are infiltrating a top secret, high security underground lab in the hospital. The lift takes them down as they argue about how to be sneaky and Alex immediately knocks out two technicians in lab coats so they don’t raise the alarm.

Megan takes the Ipad looking thing one of them is using and hacks into it, finds something called the Subterrestrial containment ward.

Cassie: You seem to be in charge, so…
Alex: You got a problem with that?
Cass: Not the time.
Alex: Why is this not the time?
Calvin: Because we’re trying to be sneaky and you’re raising your voices!
Alex: My voice was normal, you’re the one raising your voice.

A locked door has a retinal scanner.
Alex: We are not digging out someone’s eye. That’s just gross. (beat) Also wrong. Very, very wrong.

Darius suggests casting alter reality so that they’re all people who work at the lab but he gets argued down.
Megan: Who wants Darius to cast the alter reality spell?
Dairus raises his hand, no one else does.
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Things I Love Thursday

I’ve been feeling like crap, still. So my list is a Frankenstein-esque amalgamation of things Rachel suggested over Twitter, a retrospective (which Paul suggested over Twitter), Brooklynne’s suggestion on facebook and random things I think of.

Things I still love: a retrospective. My family and my friends, having T shirts that are both comfortable and geeky, but not necessarily obviously geeky, warm blankies, getting things done (double wedding ring progress yusssss), watching Supernatural with Ellen (season 3) and Steve (Season 7), crafting, nourishing and delicious dinner, fruit smoothies, good books and sleeping.

Brooklynne! Seriously, she’s lovely. She dyes my hair for me, and we geek out over Dr Who and Supernatural and stuff. Also she sent me a lovely message over Tumblr and she was the only one who did and that means it’s worth like, 20 messages. Style guru, fearless leader, crafter extraordinaire and excellent LARPer to boot.

Honourable Mentions: Avengers draws ever closer! Doctor Who has begun filming again in the last F/N, as has Community! Cute babies are still cute! And the word lugubrious. How can you not love that? Luguuuuubrious.

Holy crap check out these Vintage female mugshots.

Double Wedding Ring quilt

You may remember that I am making a double wedding ring design quilt for my lovely friends Emma and Simon. I haven’t done any in a while, because I had to cut out lots and lots of bits and I didn’t want to. Also January was relatively busy and I got sick with mystery illness #37. Anyway, these are all excuses, so I sucked it up and started cutting up pieces and then I kind of got in a flow of cutting up pieces, in the stolen moments waiting for Lee so we can go out, or in the 20 minutes before Ellen shows up for Supernatural.

At any rate. Today I had enough pieces to start sewing again so that’s what I did for nearly three hours.

I had a couple of setbacks, such as accidentally sewing things in a different order, or sewing a number of seams when there was no thread in the machine, but overall it was very productive and tomorrow (or soon, anyway) I can start at the mind-bendingly fun piecing stage!

Those wee bits are each a quarter of a ring. I have a huge stack done now and that means after one epic session, or a few littler ones, I should be able to piece together the whole top of the quilt. Oh, I need to cut out some more white bits for in between…that’s right…but anyway. Progress is good.

Previous progress update here.

Things I Love Thursday

The art of Yayoi Kusama continues to amaze. From the same website Bonsai treehouses

Friends having babies! And posting adorable pictures of them online!

Friends doing lovely things for me, like sending a time turner as a late birthday present or dropping past work to bring me a beetroot juice because I feel like crap. I love my friends.

Tumblr: The Room valentines.

Honourable Mentions: sleeping in the sunshine, watching Drawn Together on DVD, YA dystopian fiction, progress on craft projects, watching things with friends, fresh vegetables and chocolate bars.

Things I Love Thursday

Beach holidays! Although we didn’t have the best weather it’s still very relaxing to get away and just blob out. Several times I laughed so hard I cried and that’s got to be a good thing.

I helped Ellen make a T shirt quilt, which was excellent fun. There’s something very companionable about collaborative crafting, sharing knowledge, working together. I like it and I want to do more.

Introducing new people to Supernatural and feeling gratified when they laugh and get involved in the characters.

Honourable Mentions: Iron pills, Sharktopus, Cleo magazine sex tips, the Men are from Mars Women are from Venus board game, Girlfriend magazine’s Dude Decoder, tumblr, candy, roleplaying, watching movies and my Master’s Laser Screwdriver coming in the mail.

Fall actual play – 306 WTF part duex

In the massive cavern under the ground, Darius (wizard), Alex and Cassie (Paladins), Calvin (rogue) and Mega (undecided) come into a wide, open cave space. There are stalactites all over the ceiling and Darius mentions that there are D&D monsters who mimic them so watch out.

Cassie punches Calvin in the arm: Look! Look!
Calvin: Ow! Ow!
He follows her pointing and sees that one of the stalactites is moving but he shoots the wrong one (bad roll), it drops on him but be dodges nimble out of the way (excellent roll).

Alex kicks the monster a couple of times and destroys it. There’s a statue at the end of the cavern with a huge ruby embedded in it. Cassie wants to take it, but Calvin cautions her not to, since there could be a trap or something attached to it.

They find another tunnel and head down it, finding some old rusted metal bars blocking their way. Alex breaks these open and they hear a sound from further in that sounds like music. Following the sound they find a kind of medieval alchemicy lab, with a huge troll thing in an impressive helmet working away. Darius calls out, greeting him, and he turns and looks at them. “Interlopers, you will die!” He starts moving to attack them. Calvin raises his shotgun and blasts at the troll but the shot seems to bounce off. Cassie and Alex quickly make a plan and attack, Alex going left, jumps up onto a table and kicks the troll in the head. Cassie goes right, stabs him in the leg with her knife. Blood sprays out but the troll keeps moving.

Cassie: why is it still standing? There’s two slayers in the room!
Darius: You have to take its hit points down to zero!

Calvin blasts it again with his shotgun, which takes the hit points down to zero, meaning Calvin gets all the XP because he’s a big old kill steal. Oh yeah. Darius takes the impressive looking helmet and tries it on. Once it’s on his face is wreathed in shadows and his eyes glow red.
Megan: Take it off! TAKE IT OFF!
Darius: Awesome, I can see in the dark!

Alex notices a barred window in the back of the lab and goes to look through it. There’s a young blond, crew cutted, clean shaven young man in a small cell, he’s asleep on the bed.
Alex: You okay?
Man: I don’t know.
A: Who are you?
Man: I’m Private Jenkins.
A: what’s your first name?
Jenkins: That’s classified.
A: Okay, then, I’m gonna open the door now Classified Jenkins.
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Things I Love Thursday

Click here. Don’t ask questions, just do it!

I got sick today. So I am thankful for workmates who care about me, friends who offer to bring stuff over for me, one and a half hour long naps and watching Fruits Basket to cheer myself up.

Getting away for the weekend to a beach bach.

Good feedback on the games I ran at Kapcon!

Reading good books.

Watching great TV and movies. (Rewatching Fruits Basket, Black Books, lots of good things.)

Honourable Mentions: Wispa bars, excellent roleplaying, superhero T shirts, Paul referring to me as ‘Robin’, naps, driving the car on the motorway, hot baths, writing things longhand and…my delightful friends and family. JAPAN!

Wellington’s own Matt Mulholland (of the excellent dark side of Friday cover) does the Pokerap:

Kapcon Day 2

In the first round I went to the Games on Demand room, on the understanding that Sophie would run The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon for me. However a number of people put their hands up to participate in it, so I ended up offering to run another game of it, and we went into the same room…ended up doing a Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon double feature. It was amazing. Sophie’s table’s game was set in the town of Fork, my table’s game was set two towns over in Garden Chair.

I had demons at my table, she had Dragons, we managed to in some sweet crossover stuff, like when my demons said they were stealing and eating household pets I told Sophie it was happening in her town too. When her dragons stole some girl scouts, Sophie told me it had been a troop from my town, so I made it one of my character’s little sister’s scout troop. Then there was the coaches of the two town’s respective football teams…my demons wanted the other team to sign a waiver (actually selling their souls) and me and Sophie had an in character argument about it which revealed that the coaches had actually had an affair and were both broken up about it. It was awesome.

There was a lot to love about this game, this double feature. From the Dragons cheerleader chant to the Christian human tracing the football field with Holy Water, meaning both football teams (who had already sold their souls) couldn’t go onto it. The demon with a kitten soul snorting addiction and the unfortunate destiny of Jake the Jock. Sadly the Garden Chair Lemurs lost out to the St George’s co-ed Catholic school Dragons, by dint of them having one dragon player with no soul, won the game.

I didn’t manage to write many quotes down, there was just too much madness going on. If you participated in this game, I’d love to see your feedback/memories/remembered jokes in the comments.

Round 2: Again with the Games on Demand room. This time it was for the Monster of the Week double feature that didn’t get run at Fright Night. It was a very good game, although quite combat heavy and we frequently felt overwhelmed by the huge number of monsters after us. I had a good time being the Mundane, little sister of the Expert who was also kind of a hard case and wronged. It turned rather dark with some seriously difficult choices which…some players…made with very little apparent remorse. Loved it, but it was pretty intense!

The line of the game has to go to Sam, playing Alex my big brother, the Expert: I’ve already killed three people. What’s 200?

Apparently I was too busy to get many other notes, or possibly just really tired. Anyway, I don’t have any other quotes or anything.

And by that time I was seriously emotionally and physically drained and I skipped prize giving and last round to come home, have a bath and sleep. It was awesome.