Kapcon Day 2

In the first round I went to the Games on Demand room, on the understanding that Sophie would run The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon for me. However a number of people put their hands up to participate in it, so I ended up offering to run another game of it, and we went into the same room…ended up doing a Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon double feature. It was amazing. Sophie’s table’s game was set in the town of Fork, my table’s game was set two towns over in Garden Chair.

I had demons at my table, she had Dragons, we managed to in some sweet crossover stuff, like when my demons said they were stealing and eating household pets I told Sophie it was happening in her town too. When her dragons stole some girl scouts, Sophie told me it had been a troop from my town, so I made it one of my character’s little sister’s scout troop. Then there was the coaches of the two town’s respective football teams…my demons wanted the other team to sign a waiver (actually selling their souls) and me and Sophie had an in character argument about it which revealed that the coaches had actually had an affair and were both broken up about it. It was awesome.

There was a lot to love about this game, this double feature. From the Dragons cheerleader chant to the Christian human tracing the football field with Holy Water, meaning both football teams (who had already sold their souls) couldn’t go onto it. The demon with a kitten soul snorting addiction and the unfortunate destiny of Jake the Jock. Sadly the Garden Chair Lemurs lost out to the St George’s co-ed Catholic school Dragons, by dint of them having one dragon player with no soul, won the game.

I didn’t manage to write many quotes down, there was just too much madness going on. If you participated in this game, I’d love to see your feedback/memories/remembered jokes in the comments.

Round 2: Again with the Games on Demand room. This time it was for the Monster of the Week double feature that didn’t get run at Fright Night. It was a very good game, although quite combat heavy and we frequently felt overwhelmed by the huge number of monsters after us. I had a good time being the Mundane, little sister of the Expert who was also kind of a hard case and wronged. It turned rather dark with some seriously difficult choices which…some players…made with very little apparent remorse. Loved it, but it was pretty intense!

The line of the game has to go to Sam, playing Alex my big brother, the Expert: I’ve already killed three people. What’s 200?

Apparently I was too busy to get many other notes, or possibly just really tired. Anyway, I don’t have any other quotes or anything.

And by that time I was seriously emotionally and physically drained and I skipped prize giving and last round to come home, have a bath and sleep. It was awesome.


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