Things I Love Thursday

Click here. Don’t ask questions, just do it!

I got sick today. So I am thankful for workmates who care about me, friends who offer to bring stuff over for me, one and a half hour long naps and watching Fruits Basket to cheer myself up.

Getting away for the weekend to a beach bach.

Good feedback on the games I ran at Kapcon!

Reading good books.

Watching great TV and movies. (Rewatching Fruits Basket, Black Books, lots of good things.)

Honourable Mentions: Wispa bars, excellent roleplaying, superhero T shirts, Paul referring to me as ‘Robin’, naps, driving the car on the motorway, hot baths, writing things longhand and…my delightful friends and family. JAPAN!

Wellington’s own Matt Mulholland (of the excellent dark side of Friday cover) does the Pokerap:


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