Things I Love Thursday

The art of Yayoi Kusama continues to amaze. From the same website Bonsai treehouses

Friends having babies! And posting adorable pictures of them online!

Friends doing lovely things for me, like sending a time turner as a late birthday present or dropping past work to bring me a beetroot juice because I feel like crap. I love my friends.

Tumblr: The Room valentines.

Honourable Mentions: sleeping in the sunshine, watching Drawn Together on DVD, YA dystopian fiction, progress on craft projects, watching things with friends, fresh vegetables and chocolate bars.


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. -Helping James plan his Narnia party and make invitations. My boys love their birthday parties! James saying he likes Narnia because all the girls are heroes makes me very happy
    -Making Kingdom costume and looking forward to being kickass Queensguard
    -Friends… to hang out and game with when I’m happy and who say nice things and ‘like’ my attempts to be positive when I’m feeling inadequate. I am so very lucky to know so many clever, creative, kind and interesting people 🙂 Especially grateful for Wednesday roleplaying/boardgaming.
    -Nearly the start of the semester… All new and shiny with resolution and optimism
    -Kapiticon to end my summer of gaming
    -Planning mid-winter holiday with my boys, visiting Reb in Auckland
    -Tom’s face when I told him he was signed up for Saturday morning music
    -Tomatoes from our garden
    -TILT to make me see the good! My life is good

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