Double Wedding Ring quilt

You may remember that I am making a double wedding ring design quilt for my lovely friends Emma and Simon. I haven’t done any in a while, because I had to cut out lots and lots of bits and I didn’t want to. Also January was relatively busy and I got sick with mystery illness #37. Anyway, these are all excuses, so I sucked it up and started cutting up pieces and then I kind of got in a flow of cutting up pieces, in the stolen moments waiting for Lee so we can go out, or in the 20 minutes before Ellen shows up for Supernatural.

At any rate. Today I had enough pieces to start sewing again so that’s what I did for nearly three hours.

I had a couple of setbacks, such as accidentally sewing things in a different order, or sewing a number of seams when there was no thread in the machine, but overall it was very productive and tomorrow (or soon, anyway) I can start at the mind-bendingly fun piecing stage!

Those wee bits are each a quarter of a ring. I have a huge stack done now and that means after one epic session, or a few littler ones, I should be able to piece together the whole top of the quilt. Oh, I need to cut out some more white bits for in between…that’s right…but anyway. Progress is good.

Previous progress update here.


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