Things I Love Thursday

I’ve been feeling like crap, still. So my list is a Frankenstein-esque amalgamation of things Rachel suggested over Twitter, a retrospective (which Paul suggested over Twitter), Brooklynne’s suggestion on facebook and random things I think of.

Things I still love: a retrospective. My family and my friends, having T shirts that are both comfortable and geeky, but not necessarily obviously geeky, warm blankies, getting things done (double wedding ring progress yusssss), watching Supernatural with Ellen (season 3) and Steve (Season 7), crafting, nourishing and delicious dinner, fruit smoothies, good books and sleeping.

Brooklynne! Seriously, she’s lovely. She dyes my hair for me, and we geek out over Dr Who and Supernatural and stuff. Also she sent me a lovely message over Tumblr and she was the only one who did and that means it’s worth like, 20 messages. Style guru, fearless leader, crafter extraordinaire and excellent LARPer to boot.

Honourable Mentions: Avengers draws ever closer! Doctor Who has begun filming again in the last F/N, as has Community! Cute babies are still cute! And the word lugubrious. How can you not love that? Luguuuuubrious.

Holy crap check out these Vintage female mugshots.


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. This sounds mean/wrong but I’m glad you feel crap. Because I feel crap, and it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in feeling crap. This is not 100% what I mean but I hope you know what I do mean.. ????

    And I also love reading your TiLT because it always reminds me of things I love…

    Basically, thanks for the smile 🙂 And I hope your post made you smile too!

  2. I can understand that, Jen. You want to know that you’re not alone in the world ❤ and yeah, writing this made me smile.

  3. Tilt: that you wrote a Tilt list! I got worried when you might not have. I love reading them 🙂
    Balloon trips
    Friends new and old
    Prolific amounts of cute babbies
    Sleeping in

  4. Being stealthily geeky is awesome. Almost as awesome as the halloween I went to school as a secret pumpkin. Plus, a couple of kids noticed! Thanks for reminding me of that 😉

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