Fall 307 – Now you see me, now you don’t.

Th gang are infiltrating a top secret, high security underground lab in the hospital. The lift takes them down as they argue about how to be sneaky and Alex immediately knocks out two technicians in lab coats so they don’t raise the alarm.

Megan takes the Ipad looking thing one of them is using and hacks into it, finds something called the Subterrestrial containment ward.

Cassie: You seem to be in charge, so…
Alex: You got a problem with that?
Cass: Not the time.
Alex: Why is this not the time?
Calvin: Because we’re trying to be sneaky and you’re raising your voices!
Alex: My voice was normal, you’re the one raising your voice.

A locked door has a retinal scanner.
Alex: We are not digging out someone’s eye. That’s just gross. (beat) Also wrong. Very, very wrong.

Darius suggests casting alter reality so that they’re all people who work at the lab but he gets argued down.
Megan: Who wants Darius to cast the alter reality spell?
Dairus raises his hand, no one else does.

In the end he does cast the spell anyway, making them all invisible, including their clothes and anything they happen to be holding, which means that when Megan drops the stolen iPad thing it immediately gets stepped on. They move through the corridors to the Psi ward, wait outside it invisibly, until a scientist comes out and they can slip inside. Cassie and Calvin make use of the down time to make out.

Inside the ward are a whole lot of people in medically induced comas, monitors with weird images display on tablet monitors at the end of their beds. They located Private Jenkins who is in the third month of the project. Calvin unhooks him from the IV and starts the wake up process (very good doctor roll). Megan disables the alarms that go off when he starts to do this.

Cassie sees a unicorn in the corner of the ward. She goes over and makes friends with it, it seems to be able to see her with no trouble at all. Darius and Alex go over as well.
Alex: why is there a unicorn?
Darius: I’m the only one qualified to touch it.
Alex: What? I don’t know the stories about unicorns!
The unicorn nuzzles against Cassie.

Jenkins takes some time to come out of the coma, during which time trolls, ogres, etc appear all over the installation, causing chaos.
Calvin: C’mon, you need to wake up. I know you’re dreaming about gaming but we need you to let it go.

Another invisible person opens the door to the ward and asks “What are you doing guys?”
They brush that off and then wonder about why this installation has its own invisible people.

Alex, impatient, crosses over to Jenkins and slaps his face.
Calvin: He’s waking up, it’s okay…
She keeps on slapping him, Calvin tells her to leave him, which she does because it’s an order. Once Jenkins is properly awake they interrogate him, all still invisible..
Alex: Private Jenkins, do you like Dungeons and Dragons?
Jenkins: Sure, who doesn’t?

They try to work out what to do with him, Alex and Darius suggesting they just take him out of the facility but Calvin pointing out that it would ruin his military career, if they did.
Megan: why don’t we see what he wants to do?
Jenkins wishes to stay and talk to his commanding officer.

The unicorn vanishes, just turns and runs through a wall. Cassie makes a sad noise.
Alex: Why’s the unicorn leaving? Why is it so pissy? It must be your unicorn Cass, if it’s so pissy.

In the chaos they go to check out what’s in the ‘Hostiles’ section but it’s totally locked down and they wouldn’t be able to get through. In the lift they all pile in together, still invisible, and Calvin takes Alex’s hand by accident, he doesn’t realise and she doesn’t say anything.
Darius starts humming and is told to shut up.
Darius: We needed elevator music.
Everyone: No, we didn’t.

Outside the elevator Calvin grabs for a hand again, and notices that it feels weird, bigger…
Calvin: Who is that?
Darius: What?
They both make panicked noises and let go hands.
Alex: Are you playing handsies again?
Calvin: What do you mean again?
Darius: Look, what happens when you’re in another dimension stays in the other dimension.
Calvin: Or on the plane.

Cassie suggests driving home but Calvin points out it would look like the car is driving itself. She puts on a coat, hat, sunglasses and a scarf and then drives them all back to Darius’s house so he can break the spell.

Darius: What slave bond?
Alex: Every time he tells me to do something, if I don’t do it I feel intense pain.
D: I was wondering why you’d been so reasonable.
A: *glare*
Darius promises to research it, Alex heads outside to talk to Calvin about getting the token of ownership.
A: Calvin..
C: Yup.
A: You still have that thing the Princess gave you?
C: Yup.
A: On you?
C: Are you crazy?
A: I don’t know how to answer that.
C: I didn’t want to lose it, or it to fall into the wrong hands so I put it somewhere safe.

She asks him to go get it so Darius can examine it and then heads back inside, complaining to Darius about how much it sucks to be owned by your ex boyfriend.
The gang talks for a bit about how they could get around it if the bond can’t be broken, Darius suggesting Calvin transfer ownership to Nebby.
Alex: I will not be ruled by that kind of intelligence.
Calvin: At least I’m better than a dog.
Cass: You are better than a dog.
Megan: Just less demanding.

Calvin tries calling Honest Sam.
Sam: Long time, no see.
C: You kinda left town.
He explains about the slave bond, mentioning the tattoos and Sam says that means it will be extra hard to break because she fought back, the bond will be extra strong.
Sam: So uh, how did things go with that ascension thing?
C: The ascension didn’t work out.
Sam: well good work on that.

When Calvin relates what he learned Alex stalks out in a huff. Calvin points out that he doesn’t think he’d be much comfort right then so Megan heads out after her. Cass looks at Calvin.
Cass: I’m gonna take her for a run.
Calvin:… if you think it will help?
Cass: A run into some vampires.
Outside Cassie pushes Megan aside and pulls Alex away, they run to a cemetery.

Meanwhile, a lab tech in the mysterious facility comes around and sees a trail of blood on the floor (from Darius’s cut finger) and calls for help.

In the cemetery Cassie and Alex fight vampires and then each other, while having a heart to heart.
Cassie: I hate you.
Alex: Why do you hate me?
C: You make me hate myself.
A: What did I ever do to you, besides pulling you out of a Hell dimension and hanging you a wonderful person on a plate?
There is more fighting and bitchiness and I didn’t get notes of it. Alex beat up Cassie more than vice versa and it ended like this:
Alex: Screw this. I’m going home. You should go back to Calvin before he comes looking for you.

(And then there was bitchiness all over Facebook)

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