Things I Love Thursday copout photo edition!

I just like this picture of me a lot. I’m a cabin boy on a steampunk airship cabin boy!

Honourable Mentions: Rewatching old Scrubs, having awesome sleeps, dreaming, buying stuff for the trip to Japan, planning Japan! It’s only days to go now ! OMG. Going to Dressmart and getting cheap new clothes, awesome new movies in the cinema, hot cups of tea and roleplaying.

Things I Love Thursday

Steampunk wedding! It was soooo pretty and I had a lot of fun. Congratulations Nick and Randy, it was an excellent afternoon/evening.

Awkward Family photos 🙂

Watching the Glee concert movie with Ellen and Sophie and singing like a maniac! Highlights include:

Japan! Ohmigosh it’s getting really close and omg.

Honourable Mentions: Easter chocolate, new friends, weird dreams, blueberries, having pretty nail polish on, brown paper bags on offer in the supermarket instead of plastic (produce section), brunch bars, new movies and seriously I love my new hair so much, I’ve had lots of compliments ❤

Things I Love Thursday

This song was number one in the US when I was born. It’s pretty smoove Seventies funk/jazz and the video has some amazing dance moments.


aaaaaaaand after!

Planning for Japan, which is getting OMG so close, so much closer all the timmmmmmeeeee!!! wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Honourable Mentions: Crying during roleplaying (doesn’t sound like fun, but I guess it means you’ve touched something real?), road trip on the weekend to attend an awesome steampunk wedding, blueberries, ponies, the recycle boutique and chocolate easter eggs.

Beautiful women, beautiful music, beautiful words:

Fall 308 – That’s not my name

Darius, Megan and Alex head to The Limit to drink. Cassie and Calvin also head in but separately. Tiffany and Aurora happen, they’re bitchy, mean especially to Darius and Cassie and also talk loudly about how hot Calvin is while he buys whiskey.

Darius, in a fit of pique, merges the bodies of Tiffany and Aurora with a spell, making them into a sort of conjoined twins/two headed monster thing. They scream and panic and all of the rest of the gang tell him off. He refuses to undo the spell, sitting smugly smirking at their distress.
Calvin: This is twisted, human centipede shit. This is evil. This is what we hunt people to stop.

Nothing works so Alex calls Henrietta to ask about banning Darius from using magic somehow. He eventually agrees and undoes the spell. Cassie and Alex end up talking on the dance floor.
Alex: There’s too many people around for us to start punching each other. Let’s talk it out.
Cassie: I’m sorry. Sorry I came back.
They talk for a while, I didn’t get it all -_-
A: No, I mean…we’re like sisters, right?
They hug awkwardly.

Meanwhile Calvin has been asking what Darius’s problem with Cassie is and after a lot of defensiveness D opens up a little.
D: Well, she broke you and Alex up.
C: No. Alex broke me and Alex up.

Mason and Martha arrive in the club and sit in the booth with Calvin and Darius, Calvin and Mason talk mostly telepathically.

Outside a snowman has been built on the windscreen on Kermit, because of how Calvin pissed off the beret twins again. Cassie adds to it a little.
Calvin: That looks like it could’ve been really cool.

Alex finds an old fashioned bottle, the spell she requested from Henrietta, delivered straight to her room. It has a label on it showing a kid on a tricycle and then falling off the tricycle. It says “results may vary. Make sure you really want to use it.”

Darius, after the club, heads up to the top of a hill to rail at the night sky. During this he somehow lets loose all of his eldritch powers into the universe, causing a storm. It’s bad ass. Then he falls down in the mud on the walk back to his car.

Calvin wakes up and Cassie squeals and screams “Calvin!” and squeezes him and then leaps out of bed to do a victory dance. Continue reading

Things I Love Thursday

Jay gave me a lion hat! LION HAT! IT’S A LION HAT!

Um yeah. I can’t think of very much else.

Honourable mentions: clean socks, $1 movies at the video shop, pretty boys, new T shirts, Supernatural, sleeping, friendly people, cookies, New Girl, cuddles and silliness.

In the tradition of Then Who Was Phone and How is Babby Formed I give you, the poptart tragedy:

And then, for something completely different which I hadn’t listened to in forever, very pretty: