Fall 308 – That’s not my name

Darius, Megan and Alex head to The Limit to drink. Cassie and Calvin also head in but separately. Tiffany and Aurora happen, they’re bitchy, mean especially to Darius and Cassie and also talk loudly about how hot Calvin is while he buys whiskey.

Darius, in a fit of pique, merges the bodies of Tiffany and Aurora with a spell, making them into a sort of conjoined twins/two headed monster thing. They scream and panic and all of the rest of the gang tell him off. He refuses to undo the spell, sitting smugly smirking at their distress.
Calvin: This is twisted, human centipede shit. This is evil. This is what we hunt people to stop.

Nothing works so Alex calls Henrietta to ask about banning Darius from using magic somehow. He eventually agrees and undoes the spell. Cassie and Alex end up talking on the dance floor.
Alex: There’s too many people around for us to start punching each other. Let’s talk it out.
Cassie: I’m sorry. Sorry I came back.
They talk for a while, I didn’t get it all -_-
A: No, I mean…we’re like sisters, right?
They hug awkwardly.

Meanwhile Calvin has been asking what Darius’s problem with Cassie is and after a lot of defensiveness D opens up a little.
D: Well, she broke you and Alex up.
C: No. Alex broke me and Alex up.

Mason and Martha arrive in the club and sit in the booth with Calvin and Darius, Calvin and Mason talk mostly telepathically.

Outside a snowman has been built on the windscreen on Kermit, because of how Calvin pissed off the beret twins again. Cassie adds to it a little.
Calvin: That looks like it could’ve been really cool.

Alex finds an old fashioned bottle, the spell she requested from Henrietta, delivered straight to her room. It has a label on it showing a kid on a tricycle and then falling off the tricycle. It says “results may vary. Make sure you really want to use it.”

Darius, after the club, heads up to the top of a hill to rail at the night sky. During this he somehow lets loose all of his eldritch powers into the universe, causing a storm. It’s bad ass. Then he falls down in the mud on the walk back to his car.

Calvin wakes up and Cassie squeals and screams “Calvin!” and squeezes him and then leaps out of bed to do a victory dance.

Cassie and Alex wake up cuddled up in bed together, in Tiffany and Aurora’s bodies. They both freak out, Cassie leaps out of the bed and dives out the window, realising as she does it that she doesn’t have her slayer powers, freaking and then grabbing onto the windowsill. Alex rushes to the window, starts trying to pull her up.
A: Oh my god, are you still alive?
Cass: You are the worst slayer ever!

Calvin, having worked out Cassie’s body is inhabited by Tiffany, tries to get her dressed in Cassie’s clothes, without her seeing the mirror at all. He convinces her that they’re heading to Darius’s house to get brunch. He asks her exactly what she remembers, and she can’t recall hooking up with Calvin but doesn’t seem concerned at all.

Cassie and Alex, in Tiffany and Aurora’s bodies head to Alex’s house to get a freaking out Aurora, who is screaming and crying because she has tattoos. Cassie goes to comfort her, pretending to be Tiffany and is somewhat crushed in her hug. Cassie calls Calvin and over the phone he tries to order her to be quiet, but it doesn’t seem to work. Both Cassie/Tiffany and Aurora/Alex start crying and then head to Darius’s house.

Calvin tries to intimidate Darius into telling him what he did and to reverse it, it doesn’t quite work. He insists that fixing the body swap thing is the priority but Darius insists he had nothing to do with it. Tiffany in Cassie’s body starts whining that she’s bored and wants to go, so Calvin starts making out with her to distract her.

Alex, Cassie and Aurora arrive and there is a massive girl fight about people being in the wrong bodies, Calvin eases out of the room and leaves them to it. Research is done, but nothing useful is found. Alex gives the potion to Calvin to put over Darius but D dodges, Alex manages to get the rest of it over him.

Alex, Cassie and Calvin go to the magic shop. The magic shop owner is informed of the situation.
Carmen: I wouldn’t worry, your bodies are quite robust.
Calvin: The house around them, not so much.

Darius has a massive emo tantrum when he tries a spell and a disembodied voice tells him that he isn’t at the right level to perform the spell. He calls Henrietta, yells at her, smashes the phone and storms off. Megan and him go to find Alex and the others, leaving Tiffany and Aurora to their own devices. Calvin and Cassie get into Kermit and drive through town looking for them.
Calvin: You’re really, not at all high maintenance, at all. Compared to Tiffany.
Cassie: You think I’m high maintenance.
Calvin: I’ve seen the light.

They find a trail of mayhem, letter boxes knocked over, police officers stuffed through the windows of their cars, etc. They find them and Calvin winds down the window, orders Aurora in Alex’s body to bring Tiffany and get into the car, which works, because of the slave tattoos.

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