Things I Love Thursday copout photo edition!

I just like this picture of me a lot. I’m a cabin boy on a steampunk airship cabin boy!

Honourable Mentions: Rewatching old Scrubs, having awesome sleeps, dreaming, buying stuff for the trip to Japan, planning Japan! It’s only days to go now ! OMG. Going to Dressmart and getting cheap new clothes, awesome new movies in the cinema, hot cups of tea and roleplaying.


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday copout photo edition!

  1. That is such a lovely photo!

    For the record (and you can remind me in the future) I love my life… It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn fine 🙂

    -Bedtime storytimes with James reading to us, a picture book for Tom and ‘The Sword in the Stone’ for James… loving sharing books I loved as a child!
    -Zumba every Wednesday… The instructor looks a bit like Helen Hunt and kind of relaxed and blissful sometimes when she is dancing. It makes me happy.
    -Wednesday gaming and gamers… Can’t even express how much I appreciate M and D!
    -Listening to Librivox audio books with James… At the moment he is loving ‘Little Women’… If I had shown him a copy of the book he would have refused it straight away based on the cover. He likes best and identifies most with Beth. Still Jo for me. Neither of us likes Amy much 😀
    -Getting fitter and losing weight… 6.5 kg since Christmas (about 8% of my weight)
    -Studying again… I do seem to be more stable emotionally when I’m studying. I guess I need taht external focus
    -Hydra in 2 weeks or so and Day of Games in just over a month… Looking forward to playing with my friends!

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