Things I Love Thursday

Best things in the world YMMV but this list made me smile.

My new Kindle! Yeahhhh I got a Kindle touch. Wooooo….I don’t have much on there and no accessories yet (I really want accessories for it for some reason) but yay me. Gadgets!

Trip to Auckland! I am heading to Auckland with the lovely Sophie because on Monday we’re seeing Florence and the Machine live in concert! Also seeing some famous art at the gallery, eat some awesome food.

The 48! We drew Based on an Urban Legend and we wrote the story of Bloody Mary from a different angle. Hannah and I with Bryn’s help, wrote an awesome silly ridiculous script of funny and I had it final edited and emailed around at 2.30am Saturday. I went to fix up Norm and Lee’s problems with the script first thing Saturday morning and went through the script a couple of times with our lead actors, explaining the motivations, etc, how we saw the lines. Then I came home to crash out for a few hours, went back to be in a scene and then went home again after dinner. Had my usual Sunday, sitting around the lounge and shooting the breeze and then me and Paul were Team Safety Cut! The final version was handed in with 6 minutes to go. Good times!

Honourable Mentions: Electric blanket, making new things, sorting through my T shirts and pulling out some to cut up, buying new clothes because they’re stripy, texting, people who are lovely and check up on me, basking in the sunlight.


All of the Dr Who themes mashed together:

Stutter By Darren Criss is one of my new favourite songs.

Things I Love Thursday

Soooooo I love my Stitch hat. And I love making changes and I love people paying attention to me. Shhhh it’s true!

And I love my new Little Mermaid hair.

In just over a week I’ll be going to see Florence and the Machine. Also, just bought tickets today to see Coldplay in November because the opening act is The Pierces! Only like, my favourite band ever XD It should be really fun.

Honourable Mentions: Lovely friends, good books, chocolate, Darren Criss, Lana Del Ray and cute hats.

Things I Love Thursday

Okay it’s been a while, lessee if I can remember how to do one of these..

(I just love these things with bad spelling and people doing a serious voice over and just a story that makes no sense.)

Japan! We took sister in law through the photos we’ve taken and it took roughly an hour and a half, need to get copies of all of Jay’s photos as well. Then it will be twice as long! Haha. Anyway there was lots to love in Japan and I can’t really detail it all here.


Tumblr: awesome Supernatural (and some other stuff) fan art and the astoundingly funny Remembered Heroes

Honourable Mentions: Giant pocky, new QI episodes, slippers, electric blankets and hot baths. Coming home and immediately changing into trackies, re-reading excellent books and candy.