Things I Love Thursday

Auckland! Esp Auckland Art Gallery and the stunning floral chandelier sculpture which I am in love with and wish to have in my house. It’s warmer there, and Sophie took me to Mission Bay which was very pretty and I took her to Tanuki’s Cave and it was super delicious. It was a really good long weekend, of course the whole point of it was…

I don’t know how to describe it. Her voice is even more powerful in real life. She was funny and cute, and so compelling. Danced and sang along and laughed and loved it.

There’s a craft movement online to make plushies out of children’s drawings. I freaking love it.

The Hidden Mother photos from Victorian times are deliciously eerie. (Found via io9)

Honourable Mentions: Fresh bread, texts that make you smile, rewatching Buffy, facebook games, my Kindle with it’s pretty new Van Gogh skin, chocolate, sharing photos from Japan, roast chicken, flannel pyjama pants, ponies and crazy hair conventions.

Muppet Movie blooper reel

Our 48 hour film! Mary, Mary.