Things I Love Thursday

Gosh, it’s been a while since I did one of these. Here’s me trying to get back into the habit, I hope you’ll join me.

❤ I don't usually recommend Twitter follows, but I have to say, Joseph Gordon Levitt is awesome on Twitter. Today he gave us all a new song called Why am I so dizzy? Which is rather adorable really.

❤ Writing things down and working things out.

❤ Gender programming as noticed by an author Girl books.

❤ A morning walk through crisp almost-Spring air over the waterfront, keeping an eye out for ocean life, listening to music on good headphones and breathing deeply. The sun sparkles on the water and everything feels fresh and new.

Honourable Mentions: movies on blu ray, electric blankets, storage solutions, ginger beer, blankies, bright clear days, seeing the stars, friends and family, choco-ade biscuits, chatting with lovely people online, PJ pants, clean clothes, new books and hot baths.

I like Marina and the Diamonds.