Things I Love Thursday

33AR I really didn’t know what to expect going in, and there was a lot of down time when I wasn’t sure what to do, and I had a bit of a freak out for various reasons at one point, but…over all it was a brilliant weekend. Stunning weather, good times, excellent people, hearty delicious food and zombie attacks. What’s not to love?

Walks on the beach in the sun.

Good food. I have, out of the blue, started supplementing my morning vogels toast with either an apple or an orange from the supply we’re given at work.

❤ The Love Yourself tag on tumblr. So much inspiration, sharing and love.

❤ adding things to my birthday wishlist, it’s very addictive and fun.

❤ I had a new idea for a story last night. That hasn't happened in such a long time. It was a little bit magical.

Honourable Mentions: Kinder surprises, chocolate duets, 1000 Years by Christina Perri, everything by The Hush Sound, new Glee, new Modern Family and A Touch of Cloth, experimental roleplaying, sitting and baking in the sunshine, seeing the stars and being independent.


Last night my Tuesday group played an experimental roleplaying game called Grace.

In it you play 13 year olds. The character creation is simple, give yourself a name and a gender, a worry (from the options: sex, God, love and death) and a refuge, or something you do to be happy.

The game is simple, you play your characters in a series of scenes. One set today, then tomorrow, this weekend, next weekend, next month, next year and then in five years.

It’s a testament to our Tuesday night group, we all know and trust each other so well that we can just immediately dive into something like this. A few of us used real stories from those years to inform some drama and some emotional depth and the others all bought into it immediately.

I don’t exactly know how to share just how much I loved playing this game…we got deep, fast and the emotional intimacy growing between our characters just felt so real and so strange at the same time. Familiar territory but incredibly important and powerful all the same.

I was the only female character, the other three all played boys. Svend was amazing as Gary, the insecure, frightened of death kid who covered up real interactions with deflections and jokes. Steve played Robin, a sensitive kid with concerns about God and religion, Wayne was Jack, a self assured muso with the answer to everything and then there was me, Adele, the girl, interested in painting and sex and exploration.

Early on Gary mentioned his brother had a movie called Shortbus on his computer that Gary had not quite managed to watch all the way through. In the third scene we were all chatting online and watching it together. Oh the cringing and the confusion and the curiosity.

The last two scenes, where we were 14 and 18 were in some ways my favourites because I felt like Adele had grown some, got comfortable in her skin and become someone happier, less uncertain.

I can’t recommend this game highly enough and in many ways I’m desperate to play it again. I feel like through the medium of make believe we touched on something very true.

Now, if only I could find the damn game online to link to you…

Things I Love Thursday

A postcard from one of my oldest friends, from the cold cold realm of Queenstown. Old jokes that still make me laugh and smile like a loon while I read it.

Watching good movies like Princess Mononoke. It had been a while, and I hadn’t seen it since I went to Japan. I don’t know if it gave me a deeper meaning or anything, but the architecture looked a bit more familiar. I don’t know. I still love those tree sprites.

Looking forward to 33AR, although I’m not sure at all what it will be like. I have packed everything (I think) and am pretty much ready, I just have to get through another shift at work!

Honourable Mentions: Feeling independent, walking over the waterfront to and from work, catching the train, doing the dishes and looking out at an interesting view, dreaming of someday, witnessing my own ability to adapt, more highs than lows, lovely friends and my family.

Husky puppy vs Avocado

Things I Love Thursday

Sunshiney days, the light staying later in the day and the blossoms everywhere. Spring has a lot of storms but a lot of beauty as well.

Clear, fresh mornings walking along the Wellington waterfront. It’s so pretty…

I have been working on loving and accepting myself. It’s a very big job, and one that must be worked hard at. I have found Tumblr to be a font of joy in this quest. I have even added a tag to my blog for the posts that I think resonate the most.

Honourable Mentions: compliments, new T shirts, sliding down the slide at work, watching cute movies, chit chat biscuits, tree spirits from Princess Mononoke, new music (see below) and my lovely, wonderful, amazing friends.


We should all be as relaxed as this cat: