Things I Love Thursday

Sunshiney days, the light staying later in the day and the blossoms everywhere. Spring has a lot of storms but a lot of beauty as well.

Clear, fresh mornings walking along the Wellington waterfront. It’s so pretty…

I have been working on loving and accepting myself. It’s a very big job, and one that must be worked hard at. I have found Tumblr to be a font of joy in this quest. I have even added a tag to my blog for the posts that I think resonate the most.

Honourable Mentions: compliments, new T shirts, sliding down the slide at work, watching cute movies, chit chat biscuits, tree spirits from Princess Mononoke, new music (see below) and my lovely, wonderful, amazing friends.


We should all be as relaxed as this cat:


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Playing my music loud
    New dance class
    Eating yummy chocolates with coffee
    Sharing secrets with my husband
    Laughing with my girls
    Watching the new growth on plants
    Walks along the beach
    Could go on, but thats more than enough for now 🙂

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