Things I Love Thursday

Armageddon Auckland! I had a great time up there with Randy, attending panels of stars from Supernatural and laughing and yes, singing because Sebastian Roche wanted us too. Among other things. There were lots of neat costumes and friendly people, and I got some shopping done as well.

Nightwing and Red Hood!

Hiring my own car. Okay, so that doesn’t sound very exciting I know, but it felt good to me. Independent and self sufficient and fun. I got a zippy little automatic and successfully negotiated the way around Auckland for the long weekend. Well, might have got lost once or twice, heh.

Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester???

Honourable Mentions: The food at Tanuki’s Cave. Every time, delicious. Light in the evenings, dreaming about the future, Christmas plans, tuis outside the window, the sun on the water of the harbour, being snuggled up warm in bed with lots of blankets, boxes of chocolates, sewing – plans for getting things done, and a weekend with nothing much on to look forward to.



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