Things I Love Saturday

I’ve had a really busy week, but I didn’t want it to stop me doing a thankful list.

On Saturday last week I saw The Pierces, Temper Trap and Coldplay live in concert. It was amazing.

Seeing The Pierces was really a dream come true and they played some of my favourite songs to top it off. Also they put me onto Glorious which I hadn’t particularly listened to before. They were beautiful and interesting to watch and just… lovely. It was a dream.

I’ve seen Coldplay before, but they’ve really ramped things up in their newest tour. The Mylo Xyloto tour is (I’m pretty sure) about a dark future/other planet where colour is banned, so the music is a rebellion against that. We were giving wrist bands at the gate, and when we took our seats there were messages saying “put your wristbands on, they’re part of the show”. When Coldplay took the stage (after “99 problems” and then the theme from Back to the Future announced them) everyone’s wristbands lit up different colours, all over the stadium. Firewords and a light show and the music and the lights from the wristbands, it took my breath away it was so beautiful.

It was a fantastic concert, it really was, and Cat was a brilliant concert buddy to have by my side.

I took a long weekend, Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon, and stayed on my own in the Quest Parnell. It was a lovely, relaxing place and being on my own with nothing much to do, I was forced to relax. It was lovely, almost cleansing. I’d recommend it to anyone, and I’ll definitely be doing it again some time.

Craft projects and getting things done. This comes up a lot I know, but it really is satisfying. Especially when I’ve been thinking about projects I can make to give to people for Christmas, thereby saving money and hopefully it will be appreciated ❤

Honourable Mentions: sleeping in, drinks with friends, laughing until I cry, music old and new, watching Downton Abbey, fresh baked cookies, surprise late birthday presents, hand made chocolates, sharing a good book, reading something inspirational at exactly the right time (Love and Sequins is resonating with me right now), finishing a notebook and dreams for the future.

My current musical obsession:

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