Things I Love Thursday

I love Downton Abbey, even though it regularly puts my heart through the wringer. I love Mary and I love Cora and Daisy and Carson and well, all of them, let’s be honest. It’s lovely and I have very much enjoyed watching it with Bryn and Chelle.

Best of the Best whiskey tasting, Sophie got us tickets and we managed to sit at a table with some lovely Weta people. I got to drink some fantastic whiskey, talk with some friendly people, and chatted with an older gentleman in the line about haggis and neeps (sp?) and Scotland. And of course I tried my first bit of haggis and it was delicious.

The pirates and hookers larp was pretty fun, but I’m mostly just pleased with how cute I look in these photos XD

The weather is warming up! I wore just a T shirt and no merino layer! I’ve worn dresses this week, it’s amazing. Warmer weather and sun give me so much more energy, I love it.

Honourable Mentions: crafting, the universe working things out for me, Korean snacks, people who get me, turkey dinner, cheese and crackers, T shirts and chocolate.

A beautiful, dark, loving and ultimately optimistic song that I have been listening to quite a lot:

Rain don’t change the sun. Jealous is the night when the morning comes, but it always comes.”