Things I Love Thursday

It’s been a while since I linked to something of Tim’s, but he’s still brilliant. The two secret rules of life.

I made an Optimism playlist on Grooveshark. I like it, you might too?

I am on Pinterest! I think I get how it works. Maybe. Kind of. Check me out!

Last week the lovely Ellen suggested that she and I perform a song as a surprise for Sam at her 10 year vow renewal on Saturday night. The song was We Are Stars by the Pierces and I agreed immediately and then agreed to do the full lead part. It was fun, listening to it on repeat and learning the words and then practising with Ellen and Jon on the guitar.

Here’s the original song, because I’m not entirely certain I want the video of us performing online for everyone to see…

Honourable Mentions: Fresh new notebooks, making lists, posting things, wandering around furniture stores and dreaming, Christmas is just around the corner! OMG I have to get my advent calendar sorted for this year. That moment after a massage when they say you’re done and you get up and crack all the last knots out of your back and neck, strawberry margaritas, sunshine and sparkling water and Wellington going crazy with the Hobbit premier.


One thought on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. When my internets speed up again I will check out your optimism playlist… I need some of that 🙂

    Loved your song on Saturday… And loved that you guys did it!

    Also love:
    -Getting to spend more time with my gorgeous boys
    -Amazing support-village
    -Looking forward to Christmas holiday in Welly and Hokio, Kapcon, hopefully Larp Larp and Kingdom
    -Durance (we finished our first game last night… Our colony descended into cannibilism and brutality, but was saved by the Dimberdamber being more civilised than the marines!
    Ivan, who has stuck by me despite a rough couple of months

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