Things I love Thursday – the someday edition

I have lots of things I’m looking forward to… Let’s start with those things which are in my immediate future: ~ Christmas and time off over Christmas week.

~ Someday I’m going to Australia, hiring a van and seeing as many of these as I can.

~ Someday I will own a lovely house with polished wood floors and lots of light and bookshelves. It will have a nice large lounge for gaming in and a lawn and garden for having people over on sunny days.

Honourable Mentions: Watching romantic comedies with Chelle, this buzzfeed, stuffed mushrooms from Tan’s Takeaways, awesome presents from work, Christmas specials, the surrealism of the Christmas parade, sunshiney days when it’s actually warm, wrapping gifts and seeing the stars at night.

…. and meeting a lion: (four of them actually)



One thought on “Things I love Thursday – the someday edition

  1. I will also own such a house. The boys and I plan to outrage the neighbours by painting a huge mural outside with lots of flowers. All our friends will come to our housewarming and help us paint it 😉

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