Things I Love Friday

Christmas Christmas Christmas!

awkward family photo under the tree

awkward family photo under the tree

Staying with my parents was relaxed and awesome, and so warm! Hot enough to swim in the sea and although I have a summer cold which meant my energy levels weren’t up where they should have been it was awesome. Especially getting to catch up with Sam, Luke and the girls.

Road tripping with Ellen. She had the odd moment of yelling ‘scary clown!’ while I was driving, but other than that she was an excellent person to have riding shotgun and we had an awesome amount of fun. She introduced me to my new favourite christmas song:

We made lots of plans for living together at Giffy’s too, which is exciting.

My Totoro onesie.


It just makes me really, really happy.

Honourable Mentions: sharing knowledge (taught Ellen sock monkey making on Christmas Day), coco pops chex, fresh juice, Wreck It Ralph, photos which make you laugh, ice cream on the beach, talking with children, swimming in the sea, thoughtful gifts and feeling accepted.


One thought on “Things I Love Friday

  1. Next time I won’t tell you about the scary clown and won’t YOU be sorry if it’s one like in that episode of Supernatural 😛 I had a blast road-tripping with you too 🙂

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