Things I Love Thursday

Laundry-gasm. This is obviously all tied into my intense Nesting phase, but the gorgeous sunny weather Wellington has been having has meant I can do copious amounts of laundry. I washed five patchwork quilts, all the towels, my clothes, my Totoro onesie, you name it. I’ve been especially enjoying the smell of the stuff I bring in after it’s been aired and soaked in sunshine. It just feels so different and lovely and oh my god I have to go wash something else just so I can experience it all over again.

Rainbow Unicorn necklace!


Having enjoyed having my own bed for over a week I can safely say I love it and it’s awesome. I recommend having your own bed that you chose and picked and put together to anyone.

Did I mention the lovely sunny weather? I’ve been able to wear dresses and short shorts and tank tops and sandals. I’ve been too hot out in the sun and had to come back in! I bought an inflatable paddling pool! Ahhhh all summers should be like this.

How about a pep talk from Kid President!

The lovely short film Paperman, from before Wreck-it Ralph is up on youtube for a limited time only. Watch it, it’s beautiful.

Honourable Mentions: taking off your shoes and socks to let your feet breathe, fresh, delicious sandwiches, sitting and eating out by the lagoon, lovely lovely friends, hanging out with my family, alcoholic ginger beer, service people being lovely, ice creams and getting things done.

Finally… Mumford & Sons because Jess put me onto them.

Things I Love Thursday

I have a new bed! I am very excited.


I slept so well on it, all comfy and warm and my body was so happy to not be on an airbed anymore, I woke up and had a stretch and a number of my joints clicked and popped in a very satisfying way. Now, of course, all I want to do is stay in it all day…

Kapcon was rather amazing. I was in a strange headspace for it this year, with moving and then the trip to Auckland and work being so busy, I hadn’t been able to mentally prepare or look forward to it the way I normally do. But once I was there, I caught up with lots of lovely people, played some excellent games, laughed my ass off and played some very awesome characters. I am especially proud of making everyone in the Monster of the Week game Karen ran deal with my Castiel-inspired angel working out his feelings and then talking about them.

Also, my optimism playlist has been updated and I highly recommend it.

Honourable Mentions: choc bar ice creams, lovely friends who help put up beds, appreciation for my terrible poetry, clean sheets, hanging pictures, continuing to nest and organise and settle, watching Gilmore Girls, going out to movies and singing along to Les Miserables.

Your music choice for the week, let’s all enjoy the wonderfulness which is Darren Criss singin in the rain

Things I Love Thursday

I was going to finish this last night but then I got distracted with unpacking and organising and getting things together for Kapcon and also watching Gilmore Girls. I think it was a good use of my time, so I shall not complain.

Auckland was very lovely, nice weather and basking in a pool to cool down and trying out a sauna = best with deep conversation. I went to Dress Smart and got some new things and went to some new places – Devonport!


And of course, two brilliant concerts from two of my favourite bands of all time. Of all time. I have a weird thing with concerts though, I find it hard to believe it’s really happening, so my mind gets really overly analytical and I become conscious of my own body moving to the music and whether or not I’m doing it right. Hmm. Love my concert t shirts though ❤

Changes . My name is back to my maiden name nearly everywhere. It feels good to me, much more positive than I had expected it to feel.

Honourable Mentions: Tanuki’s Cave, concert T shirts, laughing, lovely dreams and chocolate.

Weekly song love includes:

Off to the Races by Lana Del Rey

Give it Away by RHCP live at Vector Arena

Things I Love … Monday

Because after work on Thursday I flew up to Auckland, I forgot to finish this post. Then the weekend was kind of really busy so you get my list today.

Nesting! I have new rag rugs, a new pink and yellow patchwork printed duvet cover. I have been tidying and organising in the new flat/Giffy’s house and generally settling in.

Knowing myself better, understanding things and growing as a person. I think most of this I’m doing on my personal tumblr

The Weezer concert on Friday night was amazing. Mind blowing with just how friendly and personable Rivers Cuomo is when performing. The concert went back through time, starting with songs from the Red album. They did their big hits up until the intermission. After intermission we got an adorable narrated look at old photos from when Weezer started out, then they came back and played the whole blue album from start to finish.

Honourable Mentions: Skype <3, Tanuki's Cave esp mashed kumara balls coated in toasted almonds, karaoke, giapo "kiss kiss" gelato, bargains at Dress Smart (Peter Alexander!), expressing my emotions, concert merch, gorgeous sunny day strollin in Devonport, black out curtains, waffles for breakfast, taking my time to get ready in the morning (holiday hotel luxury right there) and feeling inspired to write.

To all my wonderful, supportive friends: