Things I Love … Monday

Because after work on Thursday I flew up to Auckland, I forgot to finish this post. Then the weekend was kind of really busy so you get my list today.

Nesting! I have new rag rugs, a new pink and yellow patchwork printed duvet cover. I have been tidying and organising in the new flat/Giffy’s house and generally settling in.

Knowing myself better, understanding things and growing as a person. I think most of this I’m doing on my personal tumblr

The Weezer concert on Friday night was amazing. Mind blowing with just how friendly and personable Rivers Cuomo is when performing. The concert went back through time, starting with songs from the Red album. They did their big hits up until the intermission. After intermission we got an adorable narrated look at old photos from when Weezer started out, then they came back and played the whole blue album from start to finish.

Honourable Mentions: Skype <3, Tanuki's Cave esp mashed kumara balls coated in toasted almonds, karaoke, giapo "kiss kiss" gelato, bargains at Dress Smart (Peter Alexander!), expressing my emotions, concert merch, gorgeous sunny day strollin in Devonport, black out curtains, waffles for breakfast, taking my time to get ready in the morning (holiday hotel luxury right there) and feeling inspired to write.

To all my wonderful, supportive friends:


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