Things I Love Thursday

I have a new bed! I am very excited.


I slept so well on it, all comfy and warm and my body was so happy to not be on an airbed anymore, I woke up and had a stretch and a number of my joints clicked and popped in a very satisfying way. Now, of course, all I want to do is stay in it all day…

Kapcon was rather amazing. I was in a strange headspace for it this year, with moving and then the trip to Auckland and work being so busy, I hadn’t been able to mentally prepare or look forward to it the way I normally do. But once I was there, I caught up with lots of lovely people, played some excellent games, laughed my ass off and played some very awesome characters. I am especially proud of making everyone in the Monster of the Week game Karen ran deal with my Castiel-inspired angel working out his feelings and then talking about them.

Also, my optimism playlist has been updated and I highly recommend it.

Honourable Mentions: choc bar ice creams, lovely friends who help put up beds, appreciation for my terrible poetry, clean sheets, hanging pictures, continuing to nest and organise and settle, watching Gilmore Girls, going out to movies and singing along to Les Miserables.

Your music choice for the week, let’s all enjoy the wonderfulness which is Darren Criss singin in the rain


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