Things I Love Thursday

Compliments! Who doesn't love a compliment? I have been complimented on two things this last week which have made me very happy. 1. My singing voice. Steve said he thought it had levelled up, or… something. Anyway, it was improved he said and I'm proud of that. 2. The newsletters I write for work. Complimented by someone in the biz even, from a whole nother website, heh.

❤ Pink Smog by Francesca Lia Block. The book about Weetzie Bat before she was Weetzie. Excellent, excellent stuff about being 13, love it.

❤ Clean things XD Okay so I am still mildly obsessed with laundry. But the weather hasn’t been so good this week soo…. I’ve had to clean things inside the house, which is still good actually.

❤ Paddling pool!


Honourable Mentions: Trips to the beach, snuggling under the covers and falling asleep, dreaming, getting things done, a nice healthy lunch, soft fuzzy soft toys, new Face-Off episodes, getting paid, bright colours, late Christmas presents, excellent roleplaying and truly connecting with someone.

Please share your own list below, mine feels a little short this week, heh.


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