Things I Love Thursday

It’s been another lovely sunny week and people are still surprised that we’re getting a proper summer but I’ve relaxed into it I think. Sitting in the sun with my feet in the paddling pool and a bottle of alcoholic ginger beer is a good way to spend an afternoon, I must say.

Happy Valentines Day to all my lovely readers. I have a few pictures for you today…

Body shop dragonfruit lip butter


It’s a simple thing, but finding a lip balm that really works is an amazing thing. I only need to use this once every couple of fays and my lips stay smooth and nourished and lovely. Plus it smells awesome.

This valentine’s message from Lush:

jennitalula lush

The thing with Valentines Day is that it only has to be commercialised if you, well, buy the commercial products associated with it. Today I drew valentines on post its and gave them to my workmates, exchanged lovely messages with darling friends of mine and dressed up pretty. Just a couple of ways you can celebrate love and caring about other people without giving the Hallmark company a cent.

My Valentines Day outfit:


Honourable Mentions: Skype dates, the postal service, compliments, alcoholic ginger beer, looking forward to a lovely new flatmate, re-watching my Harry Potter blu-rays, sleeping soundly, loving acceptance from nowhere, clean pyjamas, laundry (still), Mumford & Sons, reading excellent books and my rainbow unicorn pendant.


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