Sunday crafting

I have made excellent progress on the double wedding ring quilt, but sewing the rows together is difficult and not a little stressful. So…. Today I did what Steve does with writing and had a play, making what I wanted to sew for fun.


I pasted pictures of authors/songwriters I admire onto cardboard to form most of my power squad. I just need one of Steve as well and then I can assemble my Badass circle of inspiration.

Then I cut out and pinned and sewed four marshmallow bunnies in pink and green.

jennitalula marshmallow bunnies

These two are stuffed, just need eyes and noses now but look how cute!

Then I got hardcore and finished off my LARP cushions for 33AR…first another log cabin one with a massive devil’s trap on the back:


And then another one using the trial run I did over a year ago for the double wedding ring quilt. I appliqued the ring onto some white and painted a delicate bronze devil’s trap on the back.

jennitalula ring

And I made another littler patchy cushion and look how cute the cushions are all together. (Two new ones shown with the one I finished previously.)

jennitalula cushions

Wheeee I got lots done today!
(Also did writing for the Kirby High larp I’m running at Hydra and started organising the pantry and helped clean the kitchen.)

Things I Love Thursday


Smash is a tv show about making a broadway musical. Kind of like Glee for adults. The musical they are writing is about Marilyn Monroe and the songs are really catchy. I’m fond of this one…

I never met a wolf who didn’t like to howl

Getting craft done. I kind of like doing craft Sundays and the blog posts that go with them. I like getting stuff down. Making something from raw materials.

Sleep has been difficult, but I did enjoy last night sleeping through without waking at 4am. I’m gonna try and do that again.

Honourable Mentions: My Tokyo City T shirt, chocolate Easter treats, quilts and experimentally delicious cooking from flatmates, plans for interior decor and music.

Your hipster music choice of the week:

Matlida by Alt-J

Sunday crafting

On Saturday I finished a large cushion for 33AR and then my house.

check out my log cabin

A pretty log cabin made with selvedges and leftovers to start with and big cuts to make it large on one side.

carry on my wayward son

Supernatural style Devil’s trap on the other side.

Then I did some cutting out and some clearing up of the table and spend a large chunk of today working on the double wedding ring quilt I’ve been making for a while.

some melons and some centres

I used up all the bits I’d already used so I made some more up, lots of cutting and ironing, and then sewing and some more sewing. Placement and remembering which fabrics go with which fabrics in which rings.. it’s all a bit tiring.

Then I ran out of cornerstone fabric, but only by a tiny amount, so I had to search my stash for similar fabrics. I think I did okay… it will only affect the bottom right hand side of the quilt anyway.

double wedding ring bitches

But the good news is that I have all the pieces ready, placed and mostly pinned, three of the last row completed and not much more to go before I have the top finished.

Then it’s just sandwiching it together with batting and the backing sheet and then hand quilting the thing.


Things I love Thursday

Writing mornings – they’ve been a bit on again off again, but I have achieved polishing the first three chapters of Rain and most of a synopsis.

Roleplaying. I had a great time on the weekend at Luke and Sam’s, I only played two games, but the quality of the games was excellent. A game of Monsterhearts where I was a barista dating a witch, with a selkie as my ex and then an epic game of Grace with Steve, Sophie, Sam, Ellen and me. I adore Grace. I just want to play it all the time.

Movies – old and new, watching Moulin Rouge for the 17 millionth time, tracking down copies of Hook, Mallrats and Priceless, thinking about the the film festival coming up in a few months… and seeing Beautiful Creatures with Ellen last night. It was very pretty, lovely costumes and pretty faithful to the spirit of the book.

Trash Palace: they have so much stuff there. Ellen got a big stack of books which I want to paw through and we took a look at shelves and things but the section for home decor… that’s where I started picking things up. I came away with two massive woollen checked blankets (many crafts including hipster cushions), a flannel sheet (backing for a T shirt quilt), several kid’s pillow cases and duvet covers (backing for baby quilts) and an awesome Mondrian print double duvet cover (may just stuff it with batting and quilt it into a blanket).

Honourable Mentions: New Supernatural T shirt, new TV (Loving Smash!), hanging with my flatmates, skype, hanging out washing and Easter chocolate.

I’m gonna say it. I think Lonely Island are a bit hit and miss. But I liked this enough to want to share it.

In the hipster music section, this week I’m enjoying Unknown Mortal Orchestra:

Please do add your own list of thankfulness below 🙂

Sunday crafting

This is getting to be a thing. Three Sundays in a row. Pinterest has a lot to answer for.

Following a very productive trip to Trash Palace, Spotlight and Pete’s Emporium I have a bunch of stuff I had been wanting. Feeling thus inspired when me and Ellen got home from our road trip I hopped onto the sewing machine.

I finished a prop for 33AR – a patchwork pouch I can hang from a belt and store things in. Most likely my drink bottle, but it can also work as a kind of loose gun holster. If I don’t get around to making another… well, I’ll make the decision of whether I want a gun or water on the day.

jennitalula patchwork bag

Inspired by this neat idea for old jeans (which I found off pinterest), I made four wee storage containers and used them to organise my sewing desk and therefore make lots of little useful things like ribbons, zips and buttons easier to find in the craft room.


*happy sigh* look how organised it is.

I got a couple of wee embroidery hoops at Pete’s and sewed up a few more calico squares with pretty fabric to embroider words on too. I should take pictures of the ones of those I’ve already done, but for now you can look at my pile of things to embroider:


My inspiration for what to do with that top one is here.

Things I Love Thursday

Writing! After sternly telling myself off for not making space for writing and instead complaining I have no time for it, I have started waking up at 6am to get some down before my morning shower. I am prepping my YA novel Rain for submission and at this rate I should be able to send the first three chapters next week. Wish my baby luck!

New Music week! Ellen is a darling and has been sending me daily links of joy, just random fun things she finds on the interwebs that she thinks I’ll like. Earlier this week she sent me this list of 30 hot new artists from SXSW and I’ve been exploring the list. Much hipster music that makes me sing along to follow…

So Good at Being in Trouble by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Gaming! Looking forward to the gaming at Sam’s house on the weekend and I definitely enjoyed playing Left Coast on Tuesday. I play Dante the excitable and paranoid fanzine editor who came over for an interview with the writer Sally and just never left. He’s very edgy for the 70s, and onto it, but easily underestimated because he can’t seem to leave the house… me and Svend had a lot of time zinging off it.

Let Me Go by Hiam

King of the Geeks! We’re watching a new reality competition show called King of the Geeks where various geeky types compete in geeky challenges. So far it’s pretty much awesome. That and Face Off are my reality show addictions.

Tokyo City! I have a fashion rule, which I mostly try and adhere to: don’t wear the shirt advertising a place that you have no connection to. I fail at this, I have a California top because of RP reasons and then I got an Indiana hoodie because I like the colours, BUT anyway, I was looking at the T shirts in the men’s section of Cotton On and I realised that I could wear any of the ones that mentioned Tokyo. So I am the proud owner of a pale mint green Tokyo City 1/4 mile racing T shirt, and today I paired it with the hoodie I got in Harajuku and it’s making me feel awesome.

Taro by Alt-J

Honourable Mentions: Skype dates, making your name magical (another link from Ellen), Unicorns, craft, colour, the marriage equality bill passing the second vote, awesome stuff on pinterest which inspires me to make crafts, visiting people, sleeping well and of course, hanging washing on the line.

Trippy So Destroyed by Prince Rama