Things I Love Thursday

Okay so it’s not Thursday, but I was out late last night playing Monsterhearts. Rachel points out that it’s probably Thursday in Hawaii, for like another hour.

Dolphins in the harbour! Seriously, a massive pod of dolphins just appeared and frolicked and then left again. I’ve also seen fish, little stingrays in the lagoon and a very large stingray down by the Hikitia today.

It’s been a while since I caught up on Improv Everywhere, and I really love this new scene they did “Mini-Golf Open”

My flatmates, who are easy going and lovely and open and one of them makes me bircher meusli almost every day and they cook and they don’t make noise in the middle of the night and they put up with my crazy. Good times ❤

Sitting in the sun at Lyall Bay and having possibly the best burger of my life and sitting with one of my best friends.

jennitalula lyall bay

Honourable Mentions: Mandarin sorbet, alcoholic ginger beer, watching stuff with my flatties, seeing the Cirque Du Soleil movie, new T shirts, Val Kilmer in Willow, dreaming of dream men, skype and laughing until I cry.


One thought on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I love your hope and happiness 🙂

    – Meet the Teacher interviews and hearing nice things about my boys. Thomas is interesting to teach because of his detailed stories and James is good at maths and was star pupil last week
    – Planning James’s Star Wars party with water fight (blasters=water pistols and artillery = water bombs)
    – Coursework to do
    – Feeling valued/appreciated at work, home and by my friends

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