Things I Love Thursday

Writing! After sternly telling myself off for not making space for writing and instead complaining I have no time for it, I have started waking up at 6am to get some down before my morning shower. I am prepping my YA novel Rain for submission and at this rate I should be able to send the first three chapters next week. Wish my baby luck!

New Music week! Ellen is a darling and has been sending me daily links of joy, just random fun things she finds on the interwebs that she thinks I’ll like. Earlier this week she sent me this list of 30 hot new artists from SXSW and I’ve been exploring the list. Much hipster music that makes me sing along to follow…

So Good at Being in Trouble by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Gaming! Looking forward to the gaming at Sam’s house on the weekend and I definitely enjoyed playing Left Coast on Tuesday. I play Dante the excitable and paranoid fanzine editor who came over for an interview with the writer Sally and just never left. He’s very edgy for the 70s, and onto it, but easily underestimated because he can’t seem to leave the house… me and Svend had a lot of time zinging off it.

Let Me Go by Hiam

King of the Geeks! We’re watching a new reality competition show called King of the Geeks where various geeky types compete in geeky challenges. So far it’s pretty much awesome. That and Face Off are my reality show addictions.

Tokyo City! I have a fashion rule, which I mostly try and adhere to: don’t wear the shirt advertising a place that you have no connection to. I fail at this, I have a California top because of RP reasons and then I got an Indiana hoodie because I like the colours, BUT anyway, I was looking at the T shirts in the men’s section of Cotton On and I realised that I could wear any of the ones that mentioned Tokyo. So I am the proud owner of a pale mint green Tokyo City 1/4 mile racing T shirt, and today I paired it with the hoodie I got in Harajuku and it’s making me feel awesome.

Taro by Alt-J

Honourable Mentions: Skype dates, making your name magical (another link from Ellen), Unicorns, craft, colour, the marriage equality bill passing the second vote, awesome stuff on pinterest which inspires me to make crafts, visiting people, sleeping well and of course, hanging washing on the line.

Trippy So Destroyed by Prince Rama


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