Sunday crafting

This is getting to be a thing. Three Sundays in a row. Pinterest has a lot to answer for.

Following a very productive trip to Trash Palace, Spotlight and Pete’s Emporium I have a bunch of stuff I had been wanting. Feeling thus inspired when me and Ellen got home from our road trip I hopped onto the sewing machine.

I finished a prop for 33AR – a patchwork pouch I can hang from a belt and store things in. Most likely my drink bottle, but it can also work as a kind of loose gun holster. If I don’t get around to making another… well, I’ll make the decision of whether I want a gun or water on the day.

jennitalula patchwork bag

Inspired by this neat idea for old jeans (which I found off pinterest), I made four wee storage containers and used them to organise my sewing desk and therefore make lots of little useful things like ribbons, zips and buttons easier to find in the craft room.


*happy sigh* look how organised it is.

I got a couple of wee embroidery hoops at Pete’s and sewed up a few more calico squares with pretty fabric to embroider words on too. I should take pictures of the ones of those I’ve already done, but for now you can look at my pile of things to embroider:


My inspiration for what to do with that top one is here.


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