Sunday crafting

On Saturday I finished a large cushion for 33AR and then my house.

check out my log cabin

A pretty log cabin made with selvedges and leftovers to start with and big cuts to make it large on one side.

carry on my wayward son

Supernatural style Devil’s trap on the other side.

Then I did some cutting out and some clearing up of the table and spend a large chunk of today working on the double wedding ring quilt I’ve been making for a while.

some melons and some centres

I used up all the bits I’d already used so I made some more up, lots of cutting and ironing, and then sewing and some more sewing. Placement and remembering which fabrics go with which fabrics in which rings.. it’s all a bit tiring.

Then I ran out of cornerstone fabric, but only by a tiny amount, so I had to search my stash for similar fabrics. I think I did okay… it will only affect the bottom right hand side of the quilt anyway.

double wedding ring bitches

But the good news is that I have all the pieces ready, placed and mostly pinned, three of the last row completed and not much more to go before I have the top finished.

Then it’s just sandwiching it together with batting and the backing sheet and then hand quilting the thing.



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